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Salient: An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University, Wellington Vol. 24, No. 6. 1961.

My Mind Has Meandered (Why Not?)

My Mind Has Meandered (Why Not?)

Sir,—There is a deep incongruity arising out of the fact of our "animal shadow" and soul existing in conjugation while our "animal shadow" remains practically undeveloped.

"Higher" intelligence in the human being is only now, at an intermediate stage between nonthinking and full comprehension of the enivironment. Until our conjunction of "animal shadow" and spirit can evolve into perfect control of its environment we will not begin to develop the capacity of our soul.

At present, our embryo souls are isolated in their plane. Their development is impaired until they can gain the ability of joining, two willing, in a direct relationship that gives something nearer to supreme consummation. (This direct spiritual consummation would raise the quality of love to its logical peak).

The star of complete control of our environment is enmeshed in the universe of the future. Our souls (being immortal) will only enjoy a reincarnation in this idyllic environment of balanced spiritual fulfillment If — our amoebic "animal shadow" flows into conformity around a developing bud of knowledge and soul.

We must perpetuate any transmutation that would make man a more balanced combination of an improved "animal shadow" and of an understanding soul Because Here Lies Ultimate Fulfillment.

So please nobody destroy either man or our environment for the process of development will be lengthy even if allowed to take its natural course.

D. Crun.

[We advise readers who use this paper to wrap their fish and chips in to use a lot of salt here.]