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Salient: An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University of Wellington. Vol. 24, No. 5. 1961

Know Your Extravaganza

Know Your Extravaganza

The well informed student's "Who's Who and What's What" in Extravaganza '61. "Well Fair Laddie?"

As the main body of students usually know little or nothing about Extravaganza until they see it, or hear about it from somebody else, we've decided to put everybody in the picture. Extravaganza is the Student's show and even if you are not in the cast you're still part of it. Extrav. has been a great money spinner in the past, the money directly benefitting the Student body as a whole. Do your part in building up Extrav's name'. Tell everyone you know all you know about Extrav. 61. Help make the show even bigger and better than the great Extra v's of the past few years.

This year's title, "Well Fair Laddie?" (Spoofing "My Fair Lady" which is opening after our show) was arrived at in the small hours one morning, after many cups of coffee.

At the show's steering wheel we've got Geoff. Stewart as producer. You'll remember Geoff, as last year's choreographer and singer (backstage) of "Bali-Hali" in the Island scene. Geoff's had a ton of experience in Canada and elsewhere, and the way he cracks the whip is really impressive. Backing Geoff, as assistant producer is Dave Lind-Mitchell, who is also playing the villain, Lord Chumley-Fanshawe, as one of the male leads. Old Extrav. goers will remember Dave. Music Man is old Extravite Terry Cray ford, who's still tickling the ivories in his old inimitable style. Backstage there's Peter Coates, Production Designer; Ted Loftus, Prop's construction; John Watson, Stage Manager; Janet St rat more, Wardrobe Mistress; Pauline Noorts, Choreographer; Pauline Renwick, Male Ballet Mistress; and last but most important on the "show" side, script writer John Sadlier.

The administration is headed by that well known law student Latham Stubbs with the unenviable job of Extrav. Organiser. Other helpers include Warwick Dent, Programme; Bob Fisher and Helen Buckley, Finance; John Richardson-Bennett and Tony Knight, Admen; and others anonymous.

Of course the most important people are the cast, who are headed by Dave Major, playing Extrav. Hero, Harold Fisby. You'll remember Dave in "Carry On Phil" as the flustered Rusky-soldier and as one of the American T.V. Tycoons. A very promising leading man is Dave. As Ma, we've got the one and only Margo, back again this year as a bona-fide student. Nobody will forget Margo's terrific performance in last year's show, and indications are that her voice and acting has improved tremendously. Other cast members will have a, tough job up staging Margo. Pretty Cusan Dryden, plays the heroine, in the best "Peril's of Pauline" tradition. No wolf whistles from the gallery please. Back again are well-known Extravers Paul Spender, Gil Hoskins, John Koolman, Andy Du Fresne, Paul Wotherspoon, Peter Frater, John Irons, Mike Thompson, Lis Barnao (need we say more), and others. Well-known performer Tony Ashenden just couldn't make it. Here we should mention last year's " Wal," Phil Levy, who owing to unfortunate circumstances had to stay out of the show. Not saying the show-won't be the same without Phil, we're very sorry to lose him.

Newcomers to Extrav. are many and keen, but they are hard people to catch, so we'll let you know who they are next issue.

So that's the personnel, but what about the story? Unlike other Extrav's "Well Fair Laddie?" is the story of an untypical New Zealander, Harry Fisby, who's in love (reciprocated) with Suzy, but is foiled by Ma. The show progresses through a series of hilariously funny and satirical scenes, where Harry dreams (Walter Mitty style) of becoming a hero and winning the fair maiden's hand. Suzy, in a series of different rolls—priestess, bar room singer, native girl etcetera, each situation funnier than the last.

So that's it students. You're right up to date on Extrav. 61. Articles in Salient will keep you posted right up to opening night, on what's happening and Who's Who. Do your part and spread favourable comments about Your show. Let's face it, it's to your advantage.