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Salient: An Organ of Student Opinion At Victoria University College, Wellington, N. Z. Vol. 24, No. 4. 1961

Economic Bondage

Economic Bondage

Dear Sir,—Economic bondage is the greatest danger to the realisation of the higher aspirations of the human race. The quest for material gain; war; depression; nuclear armaments; and the starving of millions in Asia while wheat is destroyed in America; are all due to the economic tyrants in Wall Street, Threadneedle Street and Featherstone Street. And what do the people know about it? Absolutely nothing.

We must remedy the situation before the H-bomb blows us all to atoms at the behest of the Rockefellas or Fords. We must rescue what is worthwhile.

The Economic Dictators should be the First to go and the most Effective way Would be for the Government to take over the Control of Bank Credit. Last Year, for Example, the Trading Banks in New Zealand Issued £185,000,000 Worth of Credit. Any reader doubting this should consult the Mazengarb Report of 1955. This does not mean that the banks would be nationalised; that would be an insidious evil.

Therefore, if these bankers were not controlling the country, they could not commit us to a war. If there was an absence of the threat of war, there would be no need for armaments and no economic dictators to use them. There would be no bankers trying to force prices to artificial levels, and wheat and food would not be destroyed but given to the starving millions.

Such a government having the interests of the people at heart would reform the education system so that the children would learn that there are many more higher things for which to strive than money and pseudo-respectability.

Surely this is Worth Working and Striving for; or would you Rather Seep Slowly into the Slime.

Yours faithfully,

R. J. Bromby.