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Salient: An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University, Wellington. Vol. 24, No. 3. 1961

Waste of Time?

Waste of Time?

"Why should I spend any of my crowded part-time life running around trying to help with a 'mission'?

"First, as Christians we are convinced that Christianity must be shared. Jesus Christ., its author, must be introduced to others, for His death was on behalf of everyone who will come to Him in repentance and accept His message.

"But, you may ask with 'Deist' in his letter to the last Salient, couldn't the time be better used, and the money better spent, in relief of poverty and ignorance?' I would fully agree with you, but for the fact that I believe matters of faith and religion to be even more essential for relief of the world's problems. No amount of money given to the poor will solve man's pride, hatred, and death. It is not until faith in God is established that the worth of an individual can be recognised.

Dr. Masumi Toyotorne, M.A., B.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Masumi Toyotorne, M.A., B.D., Ph.D.

"I am therefore convinced that Christianity cannot just be tucked away in a make-believe corner of our lives. If we are to accept it at ail, we are bound to give it pride of place, and to determine our study and pursuits in terms of it.

"Because of this, I do not consider it a waste of time to do what little I can in helping to present I he truths of Christianity to others in the university."

Peter Donovan.