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Salient: An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University. Wellington Vol. 23 No. 6 1960

Service Page

page 6

Service Page

The Firms which advertise on this page have all shown their goodwill towards students on many occasions. All your needs should be covered here. When using this page you can be sure you are dealing with people who like and cater for students.

By using this page, you will have a better chance, in the long run, of getting value for what you spend.


Margaret O'Connor

Studio of Ballroom and Latin-American Dancing. A school of dancing which asks its Pupils to study assiduously and offers expert individual or group tuition. The basic course is 5 half-hour lessons, but there is no limit to what can be learned. Phones 45-818 (B) and 52-975 (H).


Sportswear Models

A fine place in Lambton Quay between the Cable Car and Whitcombe & Tombs. The best range of dresses and coats in town, attractively displayed.

Carter's Wool Shop

About half-way along Willis Street. Very smooth-flowing silent wool for knitting during lectures. Muffled needles sold. Seriously though, specialists, with the best range of plys and colours in town.

Sports Haven

Opp. the Grand Hotel in Willis Street, below street level. An excellent range of mix and-match separates—slacks, skirts, blouses, overblouses, sweaters, etc. Skirts with matching three-quarter coats are new. Suede coats and sports jackets, casual and charming. Also at 137 Cuba Street. For students only—7½% discount on presentation of Library Card.

Discount does not apply to Sales.

Black Coffee

Anne Barri

112 Willis Street, a little way down from the Hotel St. George corner on this side. A smoothly sculptured stair leads to a room above a shoe shop. Fine for daytime drinking. Cona coffee.


At Vivian St. and Cuba St. corner next to Wellington Taxis. Decor of theatre programmes and exciting posters. Hot waitles, toasted sandwiches, interesting drinks. Nightly from 8 p.m., including Saturday and Sunday, but not Tuesday.—Lucy and Pat Craddock.

The Sheridan

Upstairs in Herbert Street, Off Manners Street. On one side of a partition, coffee and fruit juices, on the other, dancing (live orchestra). Admission on dancing nights,



Modern Books Ltd.

At 48a Manners Street, a co-operative bookshop. Buying a single share (£1) entitles you to 10% discount on all titles for life. Great variety of stock includes French and Russian material. Any book ordered from anywhere in the world—delay about two months.

Phoenix Books

Half-way along Willis Street. The bulk of the stock Penguins, plus selected American educational titles—probably the best representation in town of really good paper-backs. Useful references in Pelican, especially for English, History, Philosophy, Psychology.

S.C.M. Bookroom

At 102 Lambton Quay, Phone 43-910. Religious books of all descriptions, e.g., theological, devotional, church history – and childrens's.

Sweet & Maxwell (N.Z.) Ltd.

54 The Terrace. Carry A Complete Range Of Student Books In Commerce And Law.

Price Lists Available On Request.

Technical Books Ltd.

At 81 Ghuznee Street in To Aro. Most easily found by taking a Karori bus to the City. Stock prescribed texts in each SCIENCE subject at each Stage, and valuable references.

Also obtain any books to order quickly. Geography students! Try Technical Books in Ascot House, Ghuznee Street, FIRST.

"Geography Of Man" available in three different editions to suit your pocket – 1st and 2nd editions, or good used copies. Other texts also in stock, less 10% discount.

Men's Wear

Hallenstein Bros Ltd.

In Lambton Quay, hard by the Cable Car Lane. Offer men's wear exclusively–durable stuffs at good prices. University blazers at £6.19.6. Weir blazers at £8.0.0. also made to measure if required.

Jack Lannigan's Trouser Centre

At 5 Willis Street. Everything to be known about trousers known here. Take your choice of styles and fabrics, take your choice of price. 268 fittings.

Open Slather

Suggestions for additions to this page are welcome. If there is any need of yours not covered on this page, or any good firm not recommended, please drop a line to the Advertising Manager "Salient", Students' Ass. Office

Outstanding Occasions

Ralph Wilkin

At 86 Manners St., opp. the Regent Theatre, Tel. 40-529. For Capping. Tournament, Law. Commerce and Miscallameous Balls, a good dress suit hire service, with individual service and/or alterations. For the exhibitionist—costumes to hire. Go wild, man.

Central Park Cabaret

Dine and Dance Supper and Dance

Tony Noorts' Orchestra

Featuring the electronic console organ, floor shows, vocalists. Ideal for all your social functions.

Phones: 50-590 or 58-000/6033.

Poole Florist

At 48 Manners Street. Manager, David Anyon, artist. Sprays for Capping Ball, flowers for grads, partners and possibly mothers. A tendency to give flowers is a pleasant attribute in a man.


Grey Cabs

Curiously enough, thry come in various shades of fawn. But they come. They have a reputation for responding soonest to telephone calls. After the ball or the party ... 56-900

Reginald Collins Ltd.

In Ballance Street, by the waterfront. Wholesale wine and spirit people. Vinters to Stud. Ass. Especially of interest are T.M.V. Sweet and dry wines, sold by the flagon, which go well at a party. Also Vin Ordinaire–a dry red table wine at 5/6 quart. Minimum order 2 gallons.


The Bank of New Zealand

Comes a degree. Comes a wife, child and bank account. Get in early with a BNZ cheque account. Pay by cheque. Get the record of your statement. Control your spending.

Radio & Records

The Record Shop

At 102 Lambton Quay. Exists only to supply records. Classical, Jazz, Vocal, Orchestral, Shows, Drama, Verse, anything you like. Upstairs.

Soothing Balms

Brian Jackson Ltd., Chemists

In Farish Street, clearly visible from Manners Street. For women, cosmetics and beautifying varnishes. For men, combs and, recently, manly deodrants. And, of course, medicines and prescriptions and cameras.

Produce your Library Card.

J. B. Porath, Chemist

In the T. & G. Building, opp. Cable Car Lane A most handy shop with the usual range of soaps, cosmetics, ointments and soothing balsm. Prompt prescription service.


Barrett's Hotel

At the bottom of the Plimmer Steps. Handy to the 'Varsity, to eating places and shops. Students and student teachers found here. Only bar in town with a choice of beers on tap. Red Band Draught and Tui Draught.

Hotel St. George

Nearest to the University, on the corner of Willis and Manners Streets. Many like the Back Bar. Never too crowded and comfortably twilit. Handy to eating places. Red Band Draught, drawn from a refrigerated tank room.

Getting About

City Transport

A network covered by trams, diesel buses and trolley buses, will take you anywhere in the City. Timetables can be procured at the Lambton Quay and Courtenay Place terminals at 6d. per copy. The sight-seeing tours are truly remarkable and will make you familiar with the terrain of Wellington.

Telephone 42-719 for further information.

Inner Man

The California

In Willis Street, near Stewart Dawson's Corner, and

The Missouri

In Lambton Quay, opp. the D.I.C. two of a kind. Good food cooked with a light touch. Just the place for business girls the salads are special. Prices good.

Monde Marie

4 Roxburgh Street, off Marjoribanks Street, past the Embassy Theatre. Serves a delectable plat du jour at 3/6. Home-Home-made cakes.

Coffee, of course. Praiseworthy.


Central Booksellers Ltd.

Next door to Quantas Corner in Featherston Street. Downstairs a magazine shop, upstairs smart haircutting, personal attention, and a standard of hairdressing reliably good.

Gilbert's Beauty Shop

In Willis Street above S. P. Andrew's, near Stewart Dawson's Corner. Hair styles for girls. Highly individual attention and plenty of ideas.

James Soteros, Hairdresser

In Manners Street, beside the Post Office. An entirely new, well-designed little saloon with 3 chairs and a good standard of cutting. Continental haircuts a specialty. Tatts tickets.

Cartoon of a painting of a woman

Keep Fit Department

Jenkins Gym

22 Manners Street. Toughen up for the football season, loosen up for the cricket season, tone up for the swotting season. personal individual tuition. There is a significant reduction in fees for groups of four or more. This is a special, for students only, and Library Cards must be produced.

The Sports Depot

(Witcombe & Caldwell)

Half-way along Willis Street. Long-standing connection with University sport. Every one of VIC's twenty-four sports catered for here.

All contingencies provided for.


Coulls, Somerville, Wilkie Ltd.

For all stationery requirements, Drafting equipment and architectual supplies a specialty 178 Featherston Street (opp. C.P.O.), and also 178 Lambton Quay, Wellington.

Watson Victor Ltd.

16. The Terrace. Phone 42-095. Angle-poise lamps, drawing instruments, precision slide rules, etc. Serving science for over 70 years. Watvic offers students the most comprehensive range of scientific equipment.