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Salient: An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University. Wellington Vol. 23 No. 6 1960

The Candidates

The Candidates


J. D. A. Hercus: Nominated Davy; seconded Hinch and Swanney.

D. L. Brooker: Kerr; Laurenson and Hunn.

P. V. O'Brien: Deacon; Walls and Stubbs.

Men's Vice-President:

D. J. Davy: Fogg; Swanney and Waite.

A. T. Mitchell: Hunn; Hinch and Ward.

Women's Vice-President

Bridget Kerr: Davy; Swanney and Hunn.

Whetu Tirikatene: Pointon; Kingi, Fogg and Nanden.


J. E. Swanney: Davy: Millar and Deacon.


R. H. Fisher: Brooker; Hunn and Hercus.

Women's Committee:

Diana Picton: Erdos; Isdale and Reid.

Cacilia Frost: Hamlin; Hunn and Hercus.

Bridget Kerr: Davy. Swanney and Hunn.

Men's Committee:

A. W. Everard: Fairfax; Johnston and Lyall.

B. P. Dawkins: Robinson; Coleridge and Hoare.

R. W. Heine: Marsh: Crotty and Rait.

I. M. Chatwin: Hunn; Mitchell and McBride.

L. W. Stubbs: Deacon; Kerr and Lawrence.

J. A. Tannahill: Deacon: Kerr and Brooker.

J. J. Watts: Kerr; Brooker and O'Brien.

S. O'Regan: Swanney; Fogg and Waite.