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Salient: An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University. Wellington Vol. 23 No. 6 1960

Round and About by 'sam'

Round and About by 'sam'

Amazing Americans.

About a year ago we read that Americans were going culture crazy: mad bent on absorbing any information they could from every possible source—principally books. We heard about the admiring Californian who wrote to a New York publisher asking: "When's that guy Homer going to write another novel?"

Now we see that a survey has proved only 26% of American college graduates read a single book the year after graduation.

Next time you hear Kruschev saying he doesn't understand America take a little notice. It just might not be propaganda.

Lucky Dip Time.

Sliding down off America's back and climbing on to New Zealand's bigger band-wagon—the pre-election bribe. Everyone's in to win—individuals, groups, societies, and even cities. Auckland, it seems, is to have a new airport. There's speculation afoot as to what other cities might be asking for. How about: (Wellington), a go-ahead transport scheme, go-carts in congested areas; (Christchurch), more prison accommodation for large criminal population; (Dunedin), a sense of humour.

Honoureng The Dead

The politically dead, anyway. Of course, no one grudges the hon. E. Tirlkatene his knighthood. He has proved a worthy and distinguished servant of the Maori people in the House of Representatives. But it is a little unusual to awards to a sitting Cabinet minister—particularly a Labour one.

It does make one think. Could it all have been carefully calculated? After all, Tirikatene is more popular among the Maoris than the Minister of Maori Affairs.

Cartoon of man walking from behind

Men Only.

"Pop" songs to-day are just the bluest. Always about the guy who's lost his gal. The excuse for these dismal ballads used to be: "A sign of the times– fatalism and a lack of stability." Now we know better. Scientists tell us that in the next 10 years there will be a 2% population increase in Australasia—and a 50% increase or teenage males. No doubt New Zealand girls will get sloppier than ever; perhaps our young men will do away with their sports coats and baggy trousers.