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Salient: An organ of student opinion at Victoria University, Wellington. Vol. 23, No. 5. Wednesday, June 15, 1960

Arts Festival 1960

page 3

Arts Festival 1960

(Special report from canterbury University)

Arts Festival is an activity which has long been tacking from student life. It should be an essential part of university life in the same way, and for very much the same reasons, as Congress. And by holding Arts Festival in conjunction with Winter Tournament the keen sporting types, the perennial tournament addicts, and those-who-come-for-the-parties are already there to join the cognoscenti, the best and the Honeyed Public in active or passive participation.

Canterbury is the host for this the second Universities' Arts Festival. It will be even bigger brighter, Better than last year's! An extremely wide and diversified programme should appeal to all; as much to the frustrated rebel as to the complacent moron. Final details have yet to be arranged, but once this is done it is hoped to produce a full programme that will be "a typographical work of art" The idea of this programme is not just to give a list of things that are going on and who are doing them, but also a selection of stones, articles and poems from the lour universities.

Here is a brief outline of the various. Festival activities.


Jazz provided one of the most successful facets of the Dunedin festival: they even made money. As well as the university groups, it seems likely that a concert will be help in conjunction with the Christchurch Jazz Society featuring the American piano-bass duo pete Jolly (remember the film "I want To Live") and Ralph Pena. These two very accomplished musicians are really worth hearing and the concert should be of considerable, financial and publicity, benefit to Arts Festival.


This year the C.U. Literary Society is planning to bring out a special issue of its magazine, with stories and poems from all universities and colleges. The magazine may later be sold in other centres.


Although no definite news has yet been received from other universities, Canterbury alone can provide enough for at least two concerts. The Choir, Orchestra, Madrigal group, Chamber Music group, Church Music group, solo performers, and the University's professional string quartet, are all prepared to lake part.

Modern Languages

This year it has been thought advisable to restrict this section to French plays. Canterbury is providing one and Auckland have expressed interest. In addition the Canterbury Classics Club is preparing to stage a Latin comedy which will be translated by the students themselves.


At present Drama's position is uncertain. Obviously its place is in Arts Festival and Drama Council is quite prepared to transfer from Tournament provided they are assured that Arts Festival will be a permanent fixture. This seems likely, so it is to be hoped that Drama will be represented.

Sections previously in Tournament, Debating, Law Moot, Chess, will be held in conjunction with Arts Festival Although there is no film club at Canterbury, it is hoped to arrange screening of a suitable film or films.

Art, Handcraft, And Photography

A display, possibly including Architecture, will be held. In addition other university clubs are being asked to tie in their activities, e.g. the Socratic Society may produce its magazine "Hemlock" to coincide with the Festival.

Come to Arts Festival! We are doing our damnedest to make it a success, but you have to help too. We want to make Arts Festival a regular event. It shows all the signs of becoming one but can succeed only if it has wholehearted and active support from all the universities.

We'll do our best, the rest is over to you.

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