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Salient: An organ of student opinion at Victoria University, Wellington. Vol. 23, No. 5. Wednesday, June 15, 1960

Association Administration

Association Administration

A close look at the Association's present administration setup is of the utmost importance. To this end the Executive has authorised a Select Committee to completely revise the present constitution and regulations.

This committee has recommended the adoption of a semi-portfolio system for Executive administration. That means five officers (elected In the normal fashion) together with eight committee members elected to specific portfolios. The holder of each portfolio would be chairman of an Association sub-committee responsible for the detailed administration of the portfolio.

Eight Portfolios

The eight portfolios are: Capping, Social, Sport, Publications, Public Relations, Cultural, Men's House Committee and Women's House Committee. Provision for two House Committees may be queried by some but it must be remembered that when the Student Union Building is completed in the near future a large amount of administrative work will arise as a consequence. On some matters the two House Committees will combine but the Select Committee considered it desirable to have a separate committee to deal with matters directly affecting the fair sex.

Advantages Of Portfolio System

(i) Under the portfolio system, students will be elected to specific duties. This will help to clarify the hazy ideas which many candidates have concerning Executive duties, and will lead to greater efficiency on the Executive, as no member will be able to coast along without being noticed.

(ii) The work load will be more evenly distributed amongst the 13 Executive members.

(iii) The Executive will become a combination of experts (the portfolios) and general administrators (the officers). It is envisaged that portfolio members will have served an apprenticeship on one or more sub-committees before they are elected to the Executive. Thus they will be well aware of the problems and duties facing them when they join the Executive, and a continuity of administration will be built up.

(iv) The students will be in a better position to gauge the qualifications of prospective Executive members at election time.

(v) The number of sub-committees will be decreased, and the re-organisation will strengthen the committees which are retained.

(vi) The Executive will refer all minor decisions to the sub-committees and will act as a policy making and co-ordinating body. This, it is hoped, will free the Executive from the mass of detailed work which for some time

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has been affecting the efficiency and smoothness of its meetings.

Revised Constitution

What's more this Select Committee has completely revised all aspects of the Association constitution. Thus at the Annual General Meeting this month the Executive will be presenting a new constitution for your consideration. I would urge you to obtain a copy of this proposed constitution from the Executive office. Also the Select Committee's reports.

Also I would urge all students to make a real attempt to be present at the A.G.M. Important matters affecting student activities, amenities and administration in the new Union Building will be discussed.