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Salient: An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University Wellington. Vol. 23. No. 1. 1960

"Tit-Bits For Freshers — And Others"

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"Tit-Bits For Freshers — And Others"

Immerse Yourself

Freshers! Immerse yourselves in Varsity life with a plunge (even if you drown in the process).

Here are some first-week high-lights: On Monday evening the welcome address by the Vice-Chancellor, Dr Williams, followed by a Dance in the Little Theatre. Later in the week a lecture on Methods of Study, and another on the Use of the Library. Both are important. Many first-year students scorn the idea of methodical study—many are sorry they missed the lecture when it's six or seven months loo late. Many freshers are sure they can find their way around any library ... but the Victory Library is not Any library. Mark my words!

Some time during Orientation Week the Judo Club will be staging a demonstration. Watch the mail notice-boards for more details.

The Social climax to the Orientation programme will, without a doubt, be the Grand Orientation Ball booked for the Town Hall, Friday, March 11. All students are invited. Don't worry about the Town Hall atmosphere—dress is semi-formal. Tickets are obtainable from the Students' Association Office in the Science Block.

Tantalising Controversy

Tantalising controversy is expected at the Debating Society's meet on Friday, March 4. The subject ... "that South Africa should be excluded from the Commonwealth." Remember, speakers from the floor are always very welcome. What a chance for a fresher to make an impression!

And don't forget Sunday. March 6 for the University Church Service, to be held in St. Paul's pro-Cathedral, Mulgrave Street, at 3 p.m. The speaker this year will be the Right Reverend Lesslie Newbigin. Bishop of the Church of South India and General Secretary of the International Missionary Council.

During the second week of term, on Monday and Tuesday, there will be Faculty evenings for Arts and Science students. An excellent chance for students to meet their lecturers—and vice-versa—early in the year.


E.U. Plans Welcome Supper

A welcome supper, after the address on Methods of Study in Orientation Week, is being held by the Evangelical Union. A very warm welcome awaits—so if you have the time, do come along and make yourself known,

The E.U. includes members from many different Church backgrounds and its basis of belief is one with the chief Protestant confessions of faith. Membership is open to those who put their trust in Jesus Christ as Saviour Lord and God; but that does not mean that you have to have any Christian background to attend the meetings. You owe it to yourself to examine our message, along with all the ideologies that a University such as this presents. You are very sincerely invited to come along to some of our regular meetings and study with us the meaning and value of Christianity.

We hold:

(a)Meetings on Wednesdays, when University graduates and Ministers speak on vital topics of our faith.
(b)Bible discussion groups on Fridays.
(c)Prayer meetings.
(d)Missionary meetings on Fridays.
(e) Week-end conventions for study and fellowship.

Hello From Hercus

I am very pleased to have this opportunity to extend a welcome to all new students coming to Victoria in 1960.

Victoria University of Wellington is now a university in its own right, and with this change of status we have received new responsibilties befitting a university. During 1960 you will have the pleasure of seeing our new Student Union Building taking final shape, and indeed have the privilege of being the first students to enjoy the facilities and benefits of this magnificent new building.

During your stay here I very much hope that your interests will go well beyond the lecture room and that you will take your part in the activities of a few of the 50 student clubs, in the Easter and Winter Tournaments, and in some of the numerous Capping activities.

J. D. A. Hercus,

President, Students' Association.

Student officers bicycle through town: From left—Treasurer, Secretary and President.

Student officers bicycle through town: From left—Treasurer, Secretary and President.

Writing For Cappicade ?

Is it possible that students have nothing more to say to the community? Have our local and national dignitaries become paragons of virtue and wisdom that they have no need of a friendly kick in the pants at Capping time? Have our responsibilities become so disrespectful that they can laugh at themselves without assistance? Has our vast learning left in us no spark of humour, of interest, of revolutionary ardour—of illusion or disillusion; of lyrical expostulation; In fact, of the things that make a good Cappicade?

Is it possible that vibrant, vital, vivacious, vexatious students could resist a guaranteed public of upwards of 20,000? The tumultuous reply thunders in our ears—Yes, Yes. Yes. Yes.

Cappicade editors would like to be editors, not writers. Yet their table has been so empty of copy they have had to go out and buy bread.

Your editors are sensitive, lovable people. They suffer as much as anybody when their blood, sweat and tears go unhonoured, unsung and even criticised. They would like to share this weighty responsibility with a few authors—or others.

Talent is by no means a prerequisite. You can go almost anywhere without it.

The themes for "Cappicade 1960" are likely to be rugby, Rongotai, reclamation, branch universities and any other subjects deemed worthy of wit—or other comment.

Please hand your writings, drawings, photographs and etchings in to "Cappicade," c/o Exec; or ring one of your editors for details, inspiration or amusement. They are:

Dave Halley Ph. 28-324

Mike Corballis Ph. 78-323

Tony Reid Ph. 81-677

P.S. Forget that bit about "un-honoured and unsung." There are juicy, lovely prizes for prose, poetry and cartoons. £3, £1 and £1 are the prizes in each category, with a £10 prize for the cover design.


Is the Notice Board Watching You?

What if it is. More important, are you watching the notice boards? Freshers, in particular. That's where you see important news and notices during and following Orientation Week

Students' Association: University Service

St. Paul's Pro-Cathedral

Mulgrave Street

3 p.m. Sunday, March 6 3 p.m.

You are invited to dedicate the academic year to Cod in a University Service of Worship. Members of the academic staff will walk in procession.

Speaker: Bishop Lesslie Newbigin, of the Church of South India; General secretary of the International Missionary Council.

Officiating Ministers: Rev. Prof. G. E. Hughes, Rev. R. Thornley, the Dean.

This is Club Page

Salient will be chasing up individual club secretaries shortly, but here's a general message for all club organisers. The next issue of Salient will be going to press pretty promptly. So make sure that copy for issue No.2 is addressed to the Editor, Salient. c/- Exec. Office, before March 1. Send as much as you like, we can always chop it down to site!