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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria, Wellington. Vol. 22, No. 9. Thursday, August 13, 1959

Music Concrete or Perhaps Ibsen

Music Concrete or Perhaps Ibsen

The Exec meeting on Monday, August 3, tended to musical comedy—background music being provided by the click of the typewriter and the clatter of the gestetner, not to mention the ring of the telephone and the drum of Here's gavel.

At the other extreme some of the proceedings reminded one of "bubble, bubble, boil and trouble . . ." or perhaps Ibsen.

All in all the meeting did everything it set out to do and perhaps a bit more. President John Hercus concluded the meeting by discussing a memo he had distributed.

John deserves credit for laying out clearly and concisely for all Exec. members those little things which tend to be overlooked—the filing system, where stationery is kept etc.—this could have been done in past years with benefit to all.

Don Brooker was apparently feeling the effect of many late and/or sleepless nights connected with Winter Tournament, but unlike some others paid full attention to the business in hand and not to the many and various distractions.

Jane Fogg showed that in her short time with the Education sub-committee, she had not only got on top of the work, but seemingly done much which should have been done in '56 or '57 as well as that for '59—a very hard worker who will undoubtedly go far.

Her effort did not go unnoticed and John Hercus thanked Jane and her committee for their many hours of very solid work.

Graham Ward reported on meetings of the house committee which seems to be having some difficulty convincing the Registrar of the need for certain student facilities, e.g. roller towels or an acceptable alternative in the women's cloakroom. He also proposed that the house committee regulations be set aside to allow the co-option of Miss Frost (a part-timer).

The International affairs committee had spent most of its time working on accommodation for overseas students, said Doug. Waite.

After a rather heated exchange between Deirdre Meadows and Sharon Thompson, the Exec. moved into Committee on the subject of accommodation. Half an hour later and with cooler tempers it was agreed that an accommodation sub-committee was required and one was duly appointed.

As Mr Mason said with regard to accommodation, the Association is not an incorporated grandpa, it's like introducing a girl to a chap at a dance, you don't have to dance as three of you together, you just leave them to it.—How true.

Easier Tournament Controller 1960 was appointed—Ian Chatwin, an excellent choice—Assistant Controller is Don Brooker and Tournament Secretary is Deirdre Meadows. These three are going to need plenty of help in the next few months—I understand the various sports will be asked to appoint their individual controllers shortly—workers are always welcome for the home Tournaments.

The meeting concluded with a discussion on who should or should not sign letters on behalf of the Association and the various Committees.