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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria, Wellington. Vol. 22, No. 9. Thursday, August 13, 1959

Tournament — South with Scott


South with Scott

Otago hospitality will be the menu at Winter Tournament ... but remember The Game. And of course we must win the drinking horn and the—what was it—shooting.

Judging from blurbs supplied, scrounged, fabricated and deprecated, Vic will once again win the Winter Tournament shield. Judging from my own observations we will once again win the Drinking Horn and any other social events that may be offering.

Then, of course, there is the Arts Festival—Well, Vic is sending a strong contingent that will undoubtedly perform with credit either on or off the stage.

Some of the blurbs apparently were mislaid on the way; probably before they were written, but I have gleaned the following from the scrawls received:


A team is expected to take a lot of beating, specially the men, who are all overseas students.

Women's Indoor Basketball

At risk of having myself strangled, I have heard the team is once again fast and keen—on the court and quiet off it—but undoubtedly they'll learn.

Harriers have trained hard

Harriers have trained hard


I heard we had a representative but he seems to be suffering from punch drunkeness, or something, and now finds that Vic. can't raise a team.


Having been facetious in the last issue I had better treat these boys a bit better this time—probably the youngest team Vic. has sent to tournament.

The best prospect in the cross-country team is Ian McCausland—a member of the Wellington team which won the junior Nationals at Te Rapa last weekend—Ian is really a track man, but has shown great promise over fences and ditches.


The captain, Mike Honeyfield, is a fit and experienced runner who performs well over sandy country. Roger Clark though principally a road runner will not be out of the picture nor will John Thornley who performs best in heavy conditions.

Noel Clarke and Murray Short although less experienced make up the remainder of a fit and enthusiastic team—the Dixon Trophy is already on its way back to its natural habitat Victoria.

Men's Hockey

This year's bunch of tournament-tripping hockeyites have very little chance of winning back the Seddon Stick but should go down well socially.

Most of them can knock back a pint much faster than they can run and in spite of a few training sessions recently are in no condition to face the Dunedin mud.

Old hands B. Cathro, M. Lints and L. Richards—all N.Z.U. reps.—will lead the team. Promising newcomers include G. Smith and M. Mathieson, both likely N.Z.U. reps. this year.


M. Humphries, goalkeeper. A quiet fellow who lurks around Wellington's night-haunts. Dozes a lot but has stopped the odd goal or two. Hobbies: Sex, sex and sex, etc.

R. Curham, left-back. A cross between Marlon Brando, Frankenstein and James Stewart. Feminine interests in Napier and spends most weekends there. Likely to cause panic among Dunedin women. Playing ability:?

In Disguise

M. Corballis, right-half. A bit off his rocker. Draws funny pictures all the time and growls. Dangerous when roused. Wears a hat to disguise himself. Very boozy.

B. Cathro, centre-half. Up-and-coming lawyer. Has never been the same since winter tournament at Auckland two years ago. Selected for N.Z.U. after very alcoholic displays. A creature of strange habits. Tell-tale lipstick smears on the windows of his car.

L. Richards, left-half. Ex-medical student returning to old haunts. Gregarious fellow. Spends most weekends at Levin. Drains a healthy drop and should be a success at Dunedin.


B. Robinson, left-half. Very cultural—a big hit in Extrav. this year—but has little future in the hockey world. A social success and would-be author.

G. Englert, right-wing. Never recovered since he fell through a glass-house roof, a few years ago. Veteran stick-player and has a fund of good stories. Lucky choice for N.Z. on 1950 Australian tour. Past his peak but retains a certain antique charm. Absentminded.

M. Mathieson, inside-right. A young much publicised hockey hero. Repped for Wellington this year. Modest and unspoilt (as yet) by bad influences around him. Should make N.Z.U. this year. Potentially an advertising executive.

J. Thomas, centre-forward. Talked himself into team. Very much maligned but bears it well. Drinks the odd pint or two but social habits mostly secretive. Purity:?

The Captain!

(who supplied Hockey Notes)

W. J. Haskell, inside-left. Selected self as captain and should prove an unpopular choice. Uses power of Press unscrupulously for own ends. Old in the tooth but very eager socially. Last tournament!

G. Smith, left-wing. The blonde bomb-shell of team. Quiet generally but gradually succumbing. Has annoying habit of missing goals. Should prove popular with the Dunedin girls. Doing an untidy arts degree.

N. Jaine, left-wing. A prima donna from Weir. Prefers to play by himself on the field and gets wildly elated after scoring a goal. Tosses long flowing locks back in Keith Miller style as often as socially possible. Non-drinker but tries hard in a parked car. Temperament: Unstable.


The golf club have also got a young team, but a strong team. Tom Gault, the reigning N.Z.U. champion, the team captain, on a handicap of 1, should be in good form for the honours this year. Bill Aldridge, a member of a well known golfing family, should perform well at this, his first tournament (handicap 2).

Stuart Crombie, with a handicap of 3, is the Senior Champion of the Heretaunga Club and should show the others the paces at Dunedin. The fourth member is Pat Armstrong who was runnerup to Stuart last year at Heretaunga and has been performing consistently well in the local open tournaments (his handicap, 2).


Once again Victoria is expected to net a possible number of points in fencing, and bring the Otago shield back home to Wellington—what a wasted trip for it.

The women's team led by Lee Pomeroy includes Gerda Buchler, Sally Garland and Lorraine Schamroth—an experienced bunch.

The men's team—as described in the last issue appeal's to contain the Count of Monte Christo and his off siders—c'mon Victoria.

The Sport

This year Vic. has a completely new team, though captain Don Gallop shot for O.U. last year and Ian Hogard for C.U. in '53. Don may come within earshot of the Blues panel. The remaining members are Jim Johmson (top score in N.Z.U. at Easter), John Knox, and John Ruddick all consistent shots throughout the season. The I.C.I. Shield now resident in Wellington will as we see it return to its glorious home—Wellington.

Women's Hockey

The Vic team this year is a pretty likely looking group. The forwards: Jill Arnold, Mary Mills, Cynthia Baird, Janet Duncan and Rosemary Raleigh—are all fast types, ready to make the most of every opportunity—and have all situations under control.

The team is relying on a certain amount of experience from Barbara Saunders, who toured Australia with the New Zealand team

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In 1957. The halves—Barbara Saunders, Barbara Berry and Janice Gumley—and the backs—Robyn Boyd and Angela Rodgers—are all strong with plenty of determination and hard hitting power.

If all else fails, there is Deirdre Meadows in goal, who seems to appear formidable to opposing forwards.

Men's Basketball

With only Doug. Edwards, the captain being a "name player" the men's basketball team sees a real danger—to all but Victoria. They won last year—and this year, well, if keenness is anything to go by the ball boys will once again triumph.

That Horn

The team for the drinking horn as usual is a mystery. Doubtless, the event will take place in a Dunedin pub on Thursday afternoon. The Press, if they learn its site, will moan, if they don't learn its site they'll complain and Vic's, at present anonymous team will win the horn. Get training boys—only five more licensed days to . . .

The Others

Table Tennis and Soccer, I believe, form part of the Tournament sports, but like the Joynt Scroll and the Moots, nothing has been heard in my neck o' the woods. I trust Vic. will, as always, win the moots and scroll, but if they are as keen as they seem to be on publicity . . . then we should win the Shooting.

Enjoy your Tournament—I will.

Sports Editor.

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Apologies and best Wishes

We apologise for the four-page issue, but it was the only way we could get it out before everyone was away to Tournament.

Best wishes to the team.