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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University, Wellington. Vol. 22, No. 6. Wednesday, June 24, 1959

Salient Waves G'bye Salve Atque Vale

Salient Waves G'bye Salve Atque Vale

As candidates jockey for position in a new executive it is not inappropriate to say a graceful goodbye to present members whose faces may not be seen around the table in the near future.

Regardless of the brickbats that have been thrown, all men of goodwill will acknowledge that exec have tried very hard and deserve the gratitude of the students for coming forward to an arduous job. By now those who entertained illusions about the work will have lost them.

In particular thanks must go to David Wilson who will not be standing for president this year.

His work has been made more difficult by his unfortunate illness and the resulting operation, from which Salient hopes he will soon be fully recovered.

It is a pity he took the article on the state of the executive in the last issue as a personal attack (he has told us this was his reaction) for it was on the basic philosophy of the presidency that Salient disagreed with him and nothing else.

We do, however, want to apologise for one of our remarks—the snide reference to what we termed obscurely "a female member"—we thought at the time it was humorous.

There was no intention of offence, but it apparently [unclear: tr]used quite a lot. We hope our apology will to some extent relieve the unintentional slight.

This has not been an exceptional executive. There must be some cause for the unrest it has managed to stir up round the university. It is no use saying that the students don't know what goes on for it is an executive function to see they do.


The students may be apathetic—and they may not—but the executive represent a leadership. They must realise always they are working for the students, because of the students. They must make it their business to find out what even apathetic students want (they pay the fees remember). They must be leaders, not lords.

This past executive has not always given the impression of doing that. We don't cast aspersions on their willingness or good intentions but on their awareness.

Vote For...

It is not for Salient to tell the students who to vote for, but we feel it is essential that some continuity be maintained, that at least some of the present incumbents should be retained; some must have learnt by experience. Who they shall be is for the student to decide.

Decide he/she must. Voting is essential. The unrest this year demands that the student body should unequivocally express its opinion.

To the newcomers we would point out there is still a great deal of long range planning to be done.


The Union Building will soon be completed and a great deal of planning is still to be brought to fruition in this field alone.

The whole problem of accommodation has yet to be properly faced, the portfolio system has to be introduced, arrangements for students in Palmerston North watched, and there is much room for re-organisation in so many places.

Remember too that you will be faced with the same problems this executive has faced—criticism you don't deserve and praise somebody else should merit—but that is the pitfall of democracy.

You may know better than the students but democracy often means that self-government is better than good government.

One final word. We hope Salient will continue to enjoy the good relationship it has had with the executive, in spite of criticisms and a misunderstanding over in-committee proceedings (now cleared up).


Salient believes its independence is essential to a growing feeling of "togetherness" between the executive and the rest of the student body. We will try to be fair, we may occasionally criticise but we prefer to praise.

May the Best Candidates Win.