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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington. Vol. 21, No. 9. June 19th 1958. Election Supplement

Men's Committee

Men's Committee

Armour Mitchell

Armour Mitchell, otherwise known as "Mitch", is an active third year student from Weir House, and is completing his B.Sc. in Chemistry this year. Though he may have attained a little notoriety in the past, he has shown in the field of administration that he has developed a much more responsible attitude this year.

He was Weir House Capping Controller this year, which virtually entailed censoring the unofficial capping activities, and the fact that there were no unfortunate incidents speaks for itself. As Controller of "Procesh" he successfully managed to remove the old predominant theme of crude lavatory humour. He was a member of the Extravaganza Gala Opening Committee and also stepped in at the last moment to help with administration on the Napier Tour. Last, but not least, of his connections with student affairs is his appointment to the N.Z.U. Winter Tournament Committee as Assistant Tournament Secretary and Ways and Means Controller.

Exercise Your Vote

Val Maxwell

Val, having completed a teacher's training course, has this year started a degree. In the past he has taken an active interest in many University affairs and this year is an active member of the Indoor Basketball Club, being also the Secretary of the Wellington Basketball Association. Val is a part-time student.

Croz. Walsh

Croz. is finishing an Arts degree in history and geography as a full-time student with a third year from Training College. Last year he was President of the Training College Students Association, and he has taken an active part in University affairs both in Canterbury and Wellington.

Together they wish to present a joint policy, the features of which are:
1.Concessions for cafeteria meals. They wish to have concession cards available for those students who regularly take meals in the cafeteria.
2.Procession. They have in mind a scheme for the production of procession, along the lines of Extrav. production, with a producer, set designer, costumer, etc., so that for one year at least Vic. students can see how a Procession should be run.
3.Arts Festival. They wish to see at last the Arts Festival proposed to be held at Victoria in 1959 and will put all their energies behind the scheme.
4.Education. They wish to see a full investigation into University education by the Students' Association Executive with a view to making representations to the Professorial Board and Senate for those changes which seem desirable.
5.They wish to see a more liberal policy with regard to control over Salient.
6.Student Opinion. It is time that student opinion as expressed in A.G.M.'s is acted upon by the Executive. But as this is not enough, an effort to canvass student opinion on vital issues should be attempted by the Executive when it is not otherwise forthcoming.
7.Executive Elections. They wish to sec public meetings at which the candidates debate any important issues so that those present have an opportunity of seeing what they will be getting if they vote for particular candidates.
8.Student Amenities. Features urgently requiring Exec. action are:
(i)Lack of toilet facilities in the University—particularly men's.
(ii)Lack of parking space.
(iii)Lack of student accommodation.

These are only some of the problems which these two candidates wish to see acted upon. They hope if elected to see a greater liveliness in student affairs and a greater par-ticipation in them by the very students whom the Executive only represent.

John Allen

John has taken courses at Victoria in '54 and '56 and is currently studying science. Since 1956 he has been a member of Extravaganza and he has also been on Cappicade Committee. He is on the Ways and Means Committee and is Transport Officer for this year's Winter Tournament. Although not a full-time student, John is prepared to spend up to twelve hours a day on Student Union affairs, if necessary. (He is used to going without sleep.) If elected he promises to work hard to the best of his ability.

Neil Plimmer

Neil Plimmer, a third-year full-time arts student, is offering his services for the exec. committee. Before coming to Victoria, he acquired a wealth of experience for such work, as a committee member on numerous social, cultural, and sporting bodies, and since attending University has spent much time with student activity that would provide a sound basis for exec. work. He has represented V.U.W. in athletics at Easter Tournament, and attended N.Z.U.S.A. annual Congress, and gymnasium controller on the University House Committee. Interest in student affairs has taken him to meetings of many clubs and societies, and he has served a term as committee member for one religious organisation, actively helped the work of others, and is at present in his third year on the Athletic Club committee. Activities outside the University range from playing the piano in a dance band to active membership of the Fire-brigadesmen's Union. All this shows interest and hard work in all phases of University and community affairs, and an accumulation of necessary experience.

Any "election policy" must be based fundamentally on student welfare and University progress. Plimmer believes he is completely in touch with these needs, both of the smaller type, through regular habitation of caf. and common room, library and gym., and on the house committee; and also those greater needs of the University, from the expansion of buildings, courses, and hostel accommodation down.

Vernon John Thomas

Vernon John (Gary) Thomas is a third-year Arts student who spent his first year at Auckland, and has since been at V.U.W. He had a part in this year's Extrav., and was Publicity Officer for Cappicade. He also took part in Capping Procession. Currently he is on the staff of "Salient", under the imposing title of "Economic Affairs Editor", and he is also a member of the Ways and Means Committee for the coming Tournament.

He has attended meetings of the Maths and Physics Society, the International Club, and the Literary Society.

He is also, for the second time this year, engaged in growing a beard, a difficult manner of upholding student individuality, indeed.

David Davy

David Davy is a second-year Commerce student at V.U.W. this year. A resident of Weir House, he has been actively associated with Weir House functions. However, his interests have not been restricted to Weir House only, for he was Financial Controller of this year's record-breaking Extravaganza. The Extravaganza, which was by far the greatest financial success in the history of our University, contributed £2,100 to the Student Union Building Fund. He was also on the committee which organised the very successful Gala Opening. He is a very experienced administrator, in that during the last three years he has served on 10 committees of various sporting and cultural societies.

Although he does not believe in stating a policy in these affairs, he will be working towards certain objects which he hopes will tend to create an improved harmony among students. He would like to see a closer relationship between the general student body and the executive.

Nominator: David Wilson.

Seconders: Brian Shaw, John Hercus.