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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington. Vol. 21, No. 9. June 19th 1958. Election Supplement


  • No Candidate for Treasurer
  • Only Two Candidates for Women's Committee
  • Secretary "elected" Unopposed
  • Women's Vice-President "elected" unopposed

Last year's Election Supplement appeared with the headline "Democracy Amuck at V.U.W." The candidates for no fewer than four of the five key posts were "elected" unopposed. This year the situation is just as bad. No candidate is forthcoming for the position of Treasurer, and there are only two nominees to occupy the four positions on the women's committee. Once again a number of key posts are being filled without the need for an election: there is only one candidate forthcoming for each of the positions of Secretary and Women's Vice-president. Last year there were seven candidates for the women's committee; this year there are, as has already been pointed out, only two. There is a similar narrowing of the field of choice as regards the men's committee. Whereas last year there was as many as fifteen candidates contesting the four positions, this year there are only eight. The only consolation is that this year for once the electors will be actually able to elect their President instead of seeing him/her "elected" unopposed.

The dearth of nominations is an indication of the shocking student apathy and indifference that permeats the halls of Victoria and destroys in its inception any attempt to develop a corporate life in the University. Victoria is fast changing from a cultural institute or seat of higher learning into a mere night school where students drift for evening classes but ignore the many other opportunities of gaining experience and knowledge which are offered them. The rot is setting in but the process of decay and corruption can be halted if, and only if you, the students of this University, will endeavour to appreciate the opportunities which are yours and the responsibilities which fall upon your shoulders. Last year a mere fraction of the students exercised their right (and duty) to vote: will the situation be the same this year? Only you, the electors, can decide. "Salient" calls upon you all to exercise your vote and to elect to office those best fitted for the position.