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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 21, No. 10. August 6, 1958



ii. There are few attempts at mutual understanding among the various groups. There are at least two bright spots in this picture:
(a)The combined annual meeting of the SCM and the CSG, and
(b)The increasing rapprochement between the SCM and the Anglican Society.

Both of these constitute a bridging of the gap between Liberal and Catholic. But by and large, active Christian students stay in three main groups representing the three main traditions in Christendom: The "Evangelical", the "Liberal", and the "Catholic", with little contact which would lead to a better understanding of each other's positions. The work being done by the SCM and, to a lesser extent, the EU in drawing together members of different denominations within their groups is vitiated by the fact that those coming together share a common approach to Christianity. The widest gaps, between the Liberal, the Evangelical and the Catholic traditions, remain largely unbridged, and construction parties on the banks are few and far between.

iii. The upsurge of Christian groups in the University is rapidly producing a situation where cooperation, especially in co-ordination of programmes, is a necessity. The Anglican Society this year for the first time took steps to ensure that its programme would not clash with those of the SCM, the CSG and the EU. Much remains to be done in this direction.

To the non-Christian student, too often we must present the picture of a number of squabbling, competing groups, and the efficacy of our witness is considerably diminished, and intelligent evangelism is handicapped.