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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University, Wellington. Vol. 21, No. 8. 2nd July, 1958


page 10


Although by no means a strikingly enterprising or formidable side, our team has forged itself clear of the rest of those in the Jubilee Cup competition. It is with some diffidence that the opening remarks are made, for it is not without at least moderate ability that a team is able to lead in the Wellington Senior Competition. Basically, the team is well balanced, so much so, that it has managed to proceed quite well without possessing many star footballers. With the exception of the obvious, W. H. Clark, we have not in our ranks the demons of former years, notwithstanding the fact that we have, had five chosen for the Wellington Representative Squad to train for the match against Wanganui on June 25th. The selected players are: Peter Osborne, John Millar, Perry Preston-Thomas, Don Trow and Bill Clark. Those new to Wellington Senior representative level are Millar, Preston-Thomas and Trow, for Osborne featured in 1953 in the Ranfurly Shield side and, of course, one could carry on almost endlessly with Clark's career. In years past Representative Selectors have impinged upon us rather heavily, to the extent at times of leaving the side badly depicted, but this year a change was envisaged. However, indications are that we may be required to provide our share of representatives. Needless to say all concerned or interested in the University welcome representative selection for it is an honour for the college and the team in addition to the players whether they be ruby, hockey, soccer or any other sporting enthusiasts.

Performance at training sessions as well as game performances are considered by the selectors (coach, Stewart McNicol and captain, Paul Jensen) when choosing the team from week to week. This approach has been well received by all those that train in the senior group and the general tone at practices and during games is friendly with a touch of loyalty. The fact that there persists competition for almost every position in the side has had the effect of promoting rather than lessening the friendliness. Confidence in the sincerity and reasonableness of the "decision-makers" is fundamentally the source of the present team spirit.

Only Defeat

Our first and only defeat to date, we suffered at the hands of Athletic in the opening match of the season. Athletic thoroughly deserved their victory and perhaps it did us more good than harm for enthusiasm was running very high, what with the opening of the Gymnasium together with a renewed and revived interest in Rugby. Well, the next Saturday saw us appearing against Oriental on Hataitai Park. We literally scraped home there with a 6-3 win. This win enabled us to return to the Park, but only as the "shorts"—1.30 p.m. game again—against St. Pat's Old Boys, whom we beat 12-8. Once again we found our way back to the main feature at the Park, where we have the honour of treating the Athletic Park fans with some varying (take it as you wish) rugby. It should certainly be mentioned that our games on Athletic Park have been made easier for us by the strong support received from the Western Bank. Groups of students with solid cores from Weir House have been truly appreciated by those fifteen chaps in green jerseys and also those supporters whose hearts we cause to flutter all too frequently.

Cartoon of an All Black running while holding the ball

Commercial College

Is Victoria a basically Commercial College? If the result of an occupational analysis of our senior team is a criterion, then we certainly do attend a Commercial College, for of the twenty-three [unclear: players] have been chosen to play have gone on as reserves, n[gap — reason: illegible] directly connected with [unclear: account] The balance of fourteen is [unclear: made] of salesmen (3), law clerk full-time students (3), [unclear: teachers] and service station [unclear: businessmen].

Our only inter-college [unclear: game] date was against Massey [unclear: College] Wednesday, 11th June. [unclear: Support] from Massey easily [unclear: out-numbered] their players and [unclear: furthermore] would not have been [unclear: surprising] find that they exceeded the number of our supporters. [unclear: Regard]less of their three bus and s[gap — reason: illegible] car loads of happy rugby [unclear: followers] we were able (although not to beat their senior side [unclear: by] points to 9. Massey fielded a strong forward pack and a [unclear: reli]able set of backs. It was not late in the second spell that we took the visitors' score. Our and only other inter-university is against Auckland on July [unclear: 2nd] Auckland. The northerners what is possibly one of their [unclear: strong]est forward packs ever, and [unclear: although] their backs lack finesse, they [unclear: are] capable of sound rugby. It is known that Victoria normally depend upon its back-line for ea[gap — reason: illegible] the situation. Well, it is his probable that more reliance t[gap — reason: illegible] usual will be placed upon them this game.

Our victories over the past we might be attributed to the [unclear: happy] feeling, a winning one, that has [unclear: per]sisted. May it continue.

  • Coach: Stewart McNicol.
  • Captain: Paul Jensen.
  • Vice-Captain: Michael Watson.