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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University, Wellington. Vol. 21, No. 8. 2nd July, 1958



The Editor:

Sir,—Mr. A. J. MacLeod has commited the unpardonable offence of assuming that an article published over the initials "C.V.B." was written by myself.

It is true that he may have been misled by the strange manner in which the editor crammed the article concerned, a letter signed by me, and a letter purporting to be about me, all onto a single page of the issue of 6th May. And while on the subject of the editor, it must be said that his action in publishing Mr. MacLeod's brash explosion in the issue of 28th May without correcting the references to myself throughout, is quite as unpardonable as the letter itself.

Can this be the Mr. MacLeod who served a term as editor of "Canta", and was appointed Publications Officer of the NZUSPC this year? One would expect someone with this amount of Press experience to know better.

In the event, it can only be said that his irrelevant and offensive ad hominem arguments (he takes the liberty of mentioning my name ten times in his foolish letter) fall very flat.

C. V. Bollinger.