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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 21, No. 2. March 27, 1958

Tournament and the Spoon — We Don't want it . .

page 8

Tournament and the Spoon

We Don't want it . . .

Let me tell you an old, old story; Victoria still has a wooden spoon (being a trophy awarded for the lowest points at Easter Tournament). Unusual. No. Apart from one bright spell in 1955, Victoria has had a very close association with the Wooden Spoon and this deep black cloud has been in its sporting sky since the "roaring 40V (All this despite a determination to lose it last year in Dunedin.) Why? That appears to be a very complex question, answers to it have run the full orbit from "a psychological barrier" to "lack of hard work". But despite all the theorizing we still have the object: let me present a few facts instead of attempting to rationalise (it's out of fashion).

Last year at Dunedin Vic. failed to score in Athletics, Men or Women; Basketball; Shooting and Swimming, and just scraped on to the score board in rowing by half a point. In an issue of "Salient" following this Tournament (9th May, 1957), "F.S." asked the question, "Why is it possible for swimmers of such low standard as some of the women who went to Dunedin this year, to join the University virtually as Social members?" She went on to suggest that Vic. consider the taking of one woman swimmer rather than having to resort to taking untrained and unfit girls merely to fill a team to maximum size.

Beside the incompetents are the purely social. The distinction between the two is rather fine but I would classify those people who are quite capable, but not interested, in the sporting side of Tournament. If only these "social" members would realise that by their attitude to Tournament they are disregarding the interests of fellow team members and of the University as a whole. Don't interpret this the wrong way; I am not advocating that the attitude to. Tournament should be one of fanatical sporting devotion but merely the reasonable one of appealing to team members to remember that your primary obligation is to sport and to fulfil that obligation to the best of your trained ability. It can only be by a "balanced diet" at Tournament that you can expect to draw, from the enormous potential, the fullest satisfaction. And club selectors remember that if it is not absolutely necessary that a full contingent be sent it is within your power to reduce the number sent which will tend to raise the low standard of Victoria's Easter Sportsmen.

Sports Editor.

Are you Eligible for Tournament?

To clarify the position of eligibility for Easter Tournament "Salient" has extracted the relevant section of the Constitution.


No person is eligible for Easter Tournament unless:
(1)A financial member of the Student's Association for this year.
(2)Is a financial and genuine playing member of your Club or was such in your club in the season immediately preceding the present or coming season.
(3)If a matriculated student had enrolled and paid fees in a course of lectures or practical work at University in a subject or subjects of at least three hours per week, or if completing a degree this year has enrolled in a subject.

If you are outstanding at a summer sport and have not been contacted then its probably too late but contact the secretary of the club in which you are interested. The names and contact numbers are available in the Exec. Office at the end of the veranda of the Gym.


The scheduled game against Massey this year was completely washed out by heavy rain which prevented even an appearance on the pitch.