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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 21, No. 2. March 27, 1958

Lest we Forget

page 4

Lest we Forget

It is some time now since the second World War ended. Twelve years ago the forces of east and west, instead of glowering at each other and threatening each other with their arsenals of atomic weapons were united against the common enemy—Nazism.

While many of the leaders of the Nazi conspiracy have received their just reward for their part in the horrors of the concentration camps, mass murders on a scale never before reached by the most brutal of tyrants, and the destruction of a high proportion of Europe's cities, today certain of the key Nazis and their collaborators are again being regarded as respectable people because they are of use to the West against the new enemy, Russia. President Eisenhower considers the western powers have recency on their side. There is little decency in Dr. Werner von Braun, Baron Krupp, and General Adolf Heusinger who are emerging as prominent leaders of the west m me scientific, industrial and military fields respectively.

There is no doubt that Dr. von Braun is a brilliant scientist. At the age of twenty he was already Germany's leading rocket scientists and was chosen by te Nazis to head their rocket research team. In this capacity he bore a direct responsibility for the plastering of London with the V-2 rockets which he invented. Today he is America's leading rocket scientist—the designer of the Jupiter-C, America's satelite-carrying rocket. Moreover he has with him 120 ex-German scientists, all of whom worked for Hitler. He is admired throughout the U.S. What would the Americans have thought had his work of 15-16 years ago been more successful and had New York been plastered with rockets in the same way as was London.

Krupp today is one of the great heavy industrial magnates of Western Europe. He is welcomed by heads of government and businessmen wherever he goes. There are a few who remember the past and will have nothing to do with him but they are in the minority. During the World War Krupp was a leading supplier to the German forces. In his factories he employed slaves from the occupied countries, contravening international law. Thousands of people, both Jews and non-Jews died as a result of working long hours under shocking conditions in the Krupp works.

General Heusinger was a loyal Hitlerist in the 30's and during the war. Today, he commands the Wehrmacht, the West German Army, which is part of the forces of Nato.

The West claims to have morality on its side in its struggle with the Russians. If me west wants to give the least impression of morality on those as yet uncommitted it must get rid of all ex-Nazis in prominent positions.