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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 21, No. 2. March 27, 1958

Sumptuous E.U. Dinner

Sumptuous E.U. Dinner

All of this year's freshers, 600 in all, were invited to this Orientation-week debauch, and 185 found the prospect sufficient attractive to turn up. The host and hostess were Dr. and Mrs. Williams, and the speaker was Dr. T, Jeffries, Wellington's Officer of Health. Official guests included Stud. Ass. President John Marchant, Mr. and Mrs. K. L. McKay, Mr. H. Millar, Mr. E. Hornblow, Mr. Summers and Dr. Fell.

The dinner was sumptuous (three different coloured jellies!) enough to make it clear that E.U. must have quietly abandoned mortification of the flesh as the way to salvation. Speeches followed, and the speakers were evidently anxious to make new students feel at home in their new surroundings—with the general feeling of good-will generated by the dinner this shouldn't have been too hard. The only difficulty now will be to get E.U.'s new recruits adjusted to the more frugal standard of the repasts served up by Miss Rosie and her mignons in the Varsity Cafeteria.

Future contributors (in prose or verse) should be

Careful to avoid referring to "V.U.C."

For since last October, the editor will trouble you

To remember that the place is now called "V.U.W."

The newcomers, who each year make this place less like a university and more like a creche,

Are known as "freshers", though some of them are very far from fresh.

And since all other people have some sort of generic term (like tinkers, tailors, soldiers and sailors),

Might it not be a good idea if some of our permanent undergraduates wert to be known as "stalers"?