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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 13. September 12, 1957

Dear Salient

page 2

Dear Salient

T.C. and the Bomb

The students of Victoria University College will be interested to know of the action taken by students of the Wellington Teachers' College on Homb tests. At a special general meeting of the Association the following motion was passed:
(1)That this Students' Association condemns all H-bomb tests.
(2)That the Executive (of the Association) take all steps to bring to the attention of the general public and the Prime Minister our opinions on this question.

Bound by our Constitution to act upon this motion, our Executive presented a petition, signed by some 300 students, to Mr. Holyoak. Reports of this presentation were sent to the Press.

Our motion may not have influenced the great power politicians in their decisions. However, we have registered our protest. We hope that sour students' Association will do likewise in accordance with the motions passed at their special general meeting.

D. L. Glover,

Secretary, Wellington Teachers' College Students' Association.

Algeria and U.N.

The Algerian National Liberation Army has asked the French Government to allow a U.N. enquiry on the Melonza massacre. When 300 men of the village of Melonza were murdered, the French claimed this as the work of the Liberation Army, an attempt to terrorise other villages into toeing the rebel line. The Liberation Army claims:
(1)The atrocity was committed by Algerians in French pay, to try and whip up hatred in France against the rebels;
(2)The victims were selected—all were adult men fit and able to carry arms. The women of the village were driven off by the French and held incommunicado;
(3)The Liberation Army would welcome a U.N. enquiry into the whole use of force in Algeria, and especially into the responsibility for the Melonza massacre.


Enough Said

He is at it again! ("Rightwing." I mean )

—J. T. Devine.


Last Saturday I sat from 7.30 p.m. to 11 p.m. "in a crowded, hot, and fur-coated Concert Chamber. We saw the four recalled plays, which Mr. Thomson, the adjudicator, had selected as the four best over the whole week. I can only say that the rest must have been very poor indeed.

As far as I am concerned, the British Drama League's Festivals of Drama are not in danger; they are dead!


Diving photo

In the Swim?

Are you a swimmer? if so, why not joint Your Club—the Vic. Club? Weal ways have room for more members. We have two water polo teams. The experts in the first division and the more social easy-going types in the third division. You won't be in Wellington this summer? Join your local club at home and keep in trim—remember Easter Tournament. You can't swim? We will teach you or sour local club will. Girls—Tournament gives you plenty of opportunity—not as much competition as the men You aren't sure? Come along to our A.G.M. on Tuesday, 17th September—next Tuesday—and meet the rest of us, anyway. You can't get along that night? Then see a committee member or attend one of our weekly club evenings at Thorndon from [unclear: nl]-November. Why not be active this summer? Your turn to answer. Remember—Tuesday. 17th September.


A liaison officer at Otago University has just been appointed. The new officer is a former policeman.

"The University has no wish rigidly to police all its social functions," the Vice-Chancellor. Dr. Soper, stated.

—from "Citic," 1/8/57.