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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 13. September 12, 1957

Tournament — Auckland Win ... Vic. Second

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Auckland Win ... Vic. Second

Auckland University College and the Asian flu were the principal winners at Winter Tournament in Auckland. The final tournament points were: Auckland 71, Victoria 40½. Otago 30½, and Canterbury 25.

Auckland did outstandingly well to win in six sports and were placed second or third in all the others. They also won the debating and drama, which do not count towards the Tournament Shield. Victoria teams competed with distinction in almost all sports. Our teams were first in fencing and shooting, second in cross-country, golf, men's hockey, women's basketball, men's basketball, and table tennis, third in Soccer, and were unplaced only in badminton and women's hockey.

Teams from all colleges were weakened by the flu which was at its peak in Auckland during Tournament, liven Auckland, the host college, whom one would have expected to have an almost inexhaustible amount of reserves, could aly field four men's basketball players for one of their games. The Massey soccer team in its final came included a debater, a tournament delegate and some hockey players!


V.U.C. were a poor fourth in the Tournament badminton, defeating only Massey. Possible the main reason for Vic's lack of success was the short season this year at the Winter Show.

Victoria did better in the womens events than in the men's. Jenny Kent made the N.Z.U. team in which she played number three. Playing for Vic. against C.U.C. she actually beat the N.Z.U. number one player Gilenys Hopkinson who was awarded a Blue. Janet Tomsett also played well, improving as the Tournament went on.

The standard of play this year was particularly high. The rise in standard is certainly partly due to the number of Colombo Plan students from Malaya who are playing the game here. Indeed the N.Z.U. men's team was comprised entirely of Colombo Plan students. Perhaps this will encourage some of these students at V.U.C. to join the badminton club.


As in the overall V.U.C. placing, the basketball team gained second place in the Tournament competition, but were second to Canterbury, not Auckland.

The team was unlucky in having to play its two hardest games on the first [unclear: Hay]. Our ball men defeated the ace Auckland team 44-38. The game against Canterbury proved to be the most thrilling of the Tournament. Throughout the first half the lead see-sawed, neither side gaining more than six points over the other. Early in the second half the greater experience of Canterbury helped them to quickly run up a lead of 13 points, in the last ten minutes the green ball men gradually reduced the lead until at one minute to go they were only three points behind, and at the were of 45-48 the Canterbury defence remained firm.

The other three games were comparatively easy: Otago was beaten by 11 points. Massey by 20, and Lincoln by 30.

The outstanding players for Victoria were R. Martyn. G. Aitken. and N. Dawkins, all of whom were chosen for the N.Z.U. team which beat Auckland.

Men's Hockey

The hockey tournament was played under good conditions, though the ground was a little too hard for some of the players' teder feet. Victoria finished second to Auckland.

v. Otago: The game was drawn, neither side scoring. Victoria had a territorial advantage for much of the game. Otago had a depleted team, many Otago players being in Australia.

v. Massey: This was a scrappy game in which Massey tried hit and run tactics. Victoria were not troubled to win 5-1.

v. Canterbury This was a disappointing game. Victoria were clearly superior, running out winners 5-0.

Auckland: This was the best game of tournament. Auckland adopted through passing in contrast with Vic.'s flat passing game. Hambly scored for Vic. after a nice move to open the scoring. Auckland equalised half-way through the first spell with a goal by Colbham—an Auckland provincial representative for the last 18 years. He scored again during this [unclear: s], to make the half-time score Auckland 2, Victoria 1. In the second spell Jaine scored for Victoria and Colbham scored again for Auckland, to make the final score: Auckland 3. Victoria 2. In goal Kirk Taylor played brilliantly, making numerous spectacular saves. Murray Lints also played a sound game.

v. Lincoln: The flu hit Lincoln, and they had to default.

Ray Hambly. Kirk Taylor and Barry Cathro played in the N.Z.U. team which drew with Auckland. 3-all.

At the hockey dinner Mr. Scaly Wood, the N.Z.U. selector, complimented Victoria on having the best combination of any team at tournament.


Conditions were on the whole good for the Tournament golf which was played at Titirangi, generally considered to be one of New Zealand's finest courses. On the opening day. the teams match resulted in a win for A.U.C. who scored 667. Victoria were 2nd with 672.

All four members of the Vic. team qualified for the individual championship. in the first round Victoria's T. Gault was defeated by Auckland's K. G. Smythe, the eventual winner of the championship. P. C. Armstrong of Victoria had a win and Victoria's F. J. Page defeated team mate J. Port, 2 up. Port went on to win the plate event, in the second round Armstrong was eliminated leaving Page as the sole Victoria semi-finalist. He disposed of Otago's McEwan I up in the semi-final and went on to narrowly lose an exceptional final to Smythe. In the final, the players were square at the 18th, play continuing to the 23rd green before the Auckland man triumphed.

Page and Gault played for N.Z.U. against Auckland. The match was won by Auckland 3½-2½. Page defeating a well known player in E. J. MacDougall.

Table Tennis

This year's Victoria table tennis team did not have the success we have enjoyed for the last few years. However they succeeded in gaining second place in a fairly strong field. In the teams' tournament Victoria after a good win against Otago, took a beating from Auckland. Auckland were particularly strong, this year and they were represented in every final of the knockout tournament. Still Victoria managed to get to the finals of the men's singles with Bede Rundle, the women's singles with Nevenka Hegedus and the combined doubles with these two together.

The other members of the team were not quite so fortunate. Jeff Thomas, last year's runner-up in the men's singles, was eliminated in the early stages by Canterbury's veteran Doug Stewart. Don Kenderdine's flu prevented him from doing justice to himself and he did not survive the first round. Robin Court put up a good performance in taking a set off Terry Cockfield, a North Auckland representative who eventually won the title. Anne Mcllraith had no outstanding victories but helped the team with a few valuable points.

Two V.U.C. players made the New Zealand Universities team—Nevenka Hegedus and Bede Rundle. The N.Z.U. team lost to Auckland after some hard fought matches.

Miniature Rifle Shooting

A careful analysis of the scores reveals that the standard of shooting at Tournament this year reached a new all-time high. It is therefore very much more to the credit of the V.U.C. team that they returned home with so many scalps in their belts. ...

They scored a "possible" of 500 points in the first round of the competition—the first time that this has ever been done.

The won the I.C.I. Shield for the first time since 1953.

Their winning score of 2390.191 set a new record, three points better than the previous record and only 10 points short of the ultimate "possible" of 2400.

Team members gained two of the three N.Z.U. blues awarded.

One team member gained the highest individual total for the I.C.I. Shield.

Another team member shared the aggregate total with John Burton from O.U.

In spite of their opening score Vic. were hard pressed all the way by a most determined Otago team, and the result was a very exciting and closely fought battle.

  • Victoria—2390.191, first.
  • Otago—2386.183. second.
  • Auckland—2371.171, third.

Following the cessation of hostilities North (1980) lost to South (1983), and N.Z.U. (1986) lost to Auckland (1994).

N.Z.U. Blues were awarded to John Burton. O.U.. Ian Newton. V.U.C., and Brian Bradburn, V.U.C.

Congratulations to golfer P. J. Page, and crack shots I. V. Newton nd B. J. Bradburn who were warded N.Z.U. Blues for their performances at Winter Tournament.


Throughout the Tournament Victoria lacked an experienced goalkeeper and almost every goal scored against Vic. in the Tournament was the result of some misunderstanding between a back and a goalkeeper. However the unfortunates who volunteered (cough) for goalkeeper acquited themselves well considering that they had never played there before.

v. Otago:

In light of the fact that Vic. saw most of the ball, they were unlucky to lose this game. Carefulness gave way to over eagerness, many chances being thrown away Otago 4, Victoria 3.

v. Canterbury:

Victoria played more solidly after the morning's lesson, the forwards showing better control. Greenwood and Swarbrick playing magnificently. Victoria 4. Canterbury 1.

v. Masses:

Although there was no score in the first half, the team cut the opposing defence to ribbons in the second to score 8 goals. Eastgate who showed much promise in every game scored three of them. The high score has been attributed to the effect that Kerr's photo in the newspaper had on the opposing team.

v. Auckland:

Hard hit by Asian Flu. strained muscles and Dominion Bitter, the Vic team led magnificently by Stan George, acquitted themselves well. Auckland's positional play and forward combination was the deciding factor though territorially they spent most of their time on defence. But for some magnificent saves by the A.U.C. goalie. Vic. could have won. Auckland 2. Victoria I.

N.Z.U. v. Auckland Province:

The University team which included Vic. players Stan George. Perumal Naidu, Headley Eastgate. Nick Greenwood and Dick Holland, was not match for Auckland. Auckland won 8-0.


For the fourth Winter Tournament in succession V.U.C. won the Fencing. The team was somewhat weakened by The loss of its captain Tony Ellis with flu. Nevertheless the Men's foil and sabre teams went through the tournament unbeaten, winning all events by wide margins. Outstanding were Bob Binning and Kent Beard who were both selected to represent New Zealand Universities against Auckland Province. Christopher Beeby was reserve for the N.Z.U. team.

It is interesting to note that although V.U.C. teams have won their events for the past successive four years no New Zealand University Blues have been awarded to any of its members. This year Bob Binning who has twice won the National Sabre title was most unfortunate not to receive recognition.

The Women's foil team took third place but fought better than for some years. Dawn France lost only one bout and was selected for the New Zealand Universities team. Janet Serivens was most unfortunate not to be selected after taking third place in the team matches. Helen Maddison, a newcomer to Winter Tournament fought very well and her confidence and vigorous style should add considerable strength to the women's teams in years to come.

Detailed results were:

  • Men's Foil: V.U.C. beat A.U.C. 11-5. C.U.C. 13-3, and O.U. 11-5.
  • Sabre: V.U.C. beat A.U.C. 8-1, C.U.C. 7-2. and O.U. 6-3.
  • Women's Foil: V.U.C. beat C.U.C. 5-4, lost to A.U.C. 4-5. and to O.U. 4-5.


On Tuesday, 20th, 32 "good men and true" travelled to Ellerslic Racecourse to do battle for the N.Z.U. cross-country title. By no stretch of the imagination could one call this course "cross-country". The ground was dry, flat, fast and well grassed.

The first man out was Davies, of V.U.C., and he led the field as it moved off the racecourse. After the first halfmile Aimer, of A.U.C., moved into the lead and was never headed. He ran extremely well and increased bis lead gradually throughout the whole race.

At the end of the first lap V.U.C. were in a handy position, with Creed 7th. Davies 9th. Gow 10th, and Gaudin 11th. Walkey was losing ground after a good start, and O'Brien was well back and in no position to offer a serious challenge. As the field came back to the racecourse Gaudin moved through to 5th, and the order remained the same until half-way in the third lap.

In the final lap, most of the V.U.C. men kept their positions, with Creed finding a little extra stamina to bring him through to 7th.

The other colleges were also changing their positions, and Auckland improved quite considerably. At the finish it was: Aimer (A.U.C.) I, Beauchamp (C.U.C.) 2. Murray (O.U.) 3. Riddiford (A.U.C.) 4. Roberton (A.U.C.) 5. Gow (V.U.C.) 6. The rest of the Victoria team finished as follows: Creed 7, Gaudin 8. Davies 11. Walkey 24. O'Brien 26. Auckland took the teams race with 19 points, and Vic. were second with 32.

After the race, one and all adjourned to the Ellerslic beer garden for a drunken shambles that continued at the Harrier Dinner.

Women's Basketball

The women basketballers comfortably defeated Canterbury 27-13, had a close gain against Otago, winning 17-15, but had to concede a very close game to Auckland, losing 20-23.

The N.Z.U. team were outclassed by Auckland, going down 32-46.

Women's Hockey

When one saw the performances and scores in the women's hockey this Tournament, one was tempted to believe in some freak form of team memory and habit inherited from previous Tournament teams.

The Vic. team, although greatly improved, lost by much the same margin as it did last year. After winning its last club game 10-3. with some brilliant goal-shooting, the team now lapsed to its old grannyism of playing croquet in the circle. This was particularly evident in the first match against Canterbury. Our consistent territorial advantage was in this game our downfall. For the defence were enticed so far upfield that when Canterbury broke out of its twentyfive, particularly with its swift attack from the right, the result was four runaway goals. Jill Arnold played a fast, neat game, and slammed home one goal, in the later games the team's new members lost their nervousness, Janice Gumbley, in particular, settling to a solid game. Teamwork was good throughout, but we lacked fire. Auckland beat us 2-0. Otago 5-1. Natalie Griffin scored a good runaway goal.

Beverley Major well deserved her selection as N.Z.U. vice-captain. Rae Goodwin was a reserve for the N.Z.U. side, and Mary Lyons a trialist. In its game against Auckland Province, this team played well till half-time, then tired badly to lose 8-2. One player only, A. McDonald, of Canterbury, showed the brilliance of the players at present representing N.Z.U. in Australia, although the Otago goalie made some spectacular saves.


Following Easter's shambles at Dunedin. behaviour at Auckland was exemplary.