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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 13. September 12, 1957

God Defend New Zealand

page 3

God Defend New Zealand

The mothers of this country would certainly not like their third form daughters to read the 'Sea Hunters by Frank Robb," said Mrs. McMillan in the House of Representatives.

"The tale is told in a racy sort of seafaring language, but there are innumerable books which children can enjoy without giving them ideas of words and phrases which they will pick up all too soon out of the byways and gutters."

Government voice: "What about the Bible?"

"We all know such words are in the Holy Writ," said Mrs. McMillan, "but we don't go taking them out and distributing them to Form III girls."

—"Dominion," 25/7/57.

Now The Big End

"I've said to him many times: 'Look, Sid. you're burning the candle at both ends', and now he's burned out his big end," Sir William Sullivan at the National Party conference.

—"Standard," 21/8/57.

'. . . Two motions opposing nuclear tests were rejected by an extraordinary meeting of the Canterbury' University College Students' Association. That has more significance, perhaps, than if there had been resolutions passed by any other of the university colleges, because Canterbury College, as we know, is the school of engineering, and both on its professional staff and among its students there are men better qualified to speak on this subject than most of us, or perhaps any of us, in this House."

—Mr. C. G. E. Harker (Government) in the House of Representatives, 13th June, 1957.

"The Auckland batting was disappointing in spite of the pitch having some life in the morning session. Later the bitch became a lot easier and this was much appreciated by the Australian batsmen."

—"Bay of Plenty Times." 18/3/57.

University Of Otago For Sale By Tender

—Advert in "Evening Post," 20/7/57.

In The Middle of the Night

"I would lick to know how I got what I have got." said the Prime Minister (Mr. Holland) in his speech at the National Party conference today, referring to the back injury that has troubled him since the middle of May. "It happened in the middle of the night," he said.

—"Evening Post," 12/8/57.

They Slave for the Workers

"The greatest wrong an employer can perpetuate on his employees is to fail to make a profit', said Samuel Gompertz, first President of the American Federation of Labour. He meant surely that the employer who fails to make a profit will go quickly out of business—and his employees will be out of work.

Inserted in the interests of all sections of the community by the Ass. Chambers of Commerce of New Zealand."

—Advert in the "Dominion," 19/8/57.

"Lebanon's Foreign Policy to Continue"

Evening Post headline.

We thought they had finished with such stupidities.

New Site

"A small school building at Rowallan, a sawmilling settlement in the Tuatapere district. Southland, is in danger of disappearing over a cliff, it was reported at a meeting of the Southland Education Board. . . .

The board was told that arrangements had been made to have the school moved to a new site."

—"Standard," 7/8/57.

Ban on Immodest Tourists

"Foreign tourists in immodest clothing will not be tolerated on Rome streets, police headquarters announced today. A circular has been sent to all police stations in and around Rome laying down that tourists seen in city streets in improper dress—such as brief shorts, flimsy, sleeves less blouses and, on the part of males, bare torsos . . . may be charged with indecent behaviour in a public place."

—"Evening Post." 22/8/57.

And women? and Romans?

What a Blazer

"V.U.C. Tailored Woman's Blazer, worn once only, for Cane Push Chair, or sell."

—Swap column, "Evening Post," 19th July. 1957.

Sins of Their Father

"As the ball season approaches many young asses from the Labour Party will wish to be presented at Labour Party Balls."

—"Standard" 25/6/57.

What a Job!

Victoria University College Shorthand Typist Applications are Invited for the Position of Short handtypist.

Duties: Secretarial and general nature. Salary up to £31 a week . . ."

—Advt. in "Evening Post," 3/8/57.

"For the first time in its 800 years' existence, the Kremlin echoed to the sound of a New Zealand haka."

—Report of Moscow Youth Festival in

"People's Voice," 14th August, 1957.

Heavenly Aid

"Council Yard—J.C.'s Version"

—Caption in the "Evening Post," 2nd August, 1957.