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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 12. August 15, 1957



Comings . . .

Mr. R. J. Harrison, B.A., B.Sc. (Econ.), has arrived to take up his appointment as Lecturer in Political Science. Mr. Harrison is a graduate of the University of London, where he gained his B.Sc. (Econ.), and of De Pauw University, Indiana, where he gained his B.A. He has since been doing post-graduate work towards the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the Ohio State University.

Dr. R. Truscoe. B.Sc., Ph.D., has arrived to take up his appointment as senior Lecturer in Biochemistry. Dr. Truscoc. a graduate of the Universities of London and Warsaw, has had extensive experience in teaching and research both in Europe and in the United States. Prior to his joining V.U.C. he was in the Department of Clinical Pathology. University College Hospital, London.

Mr. J. W. Dawson. M.A., has arrived to take up his appointment as lecturer in Botany. Mr. Dawson, a graduate of the College, has been working towards a Ph.D. at Berkeley University, California.

Mr. J. R. McCreary, M.A., has been appointed senior Lecturer in the School of Social Sience. Mr. McCray, a graduate of the College, was originally on the staff of the Psychology Department before becoming in 1953 Lecturer in the School of Social Science.

. . . and Goings

Professor K. M. Buchanan (Geography) is, we understand ("Salient" Press Service), shortly leaving for the Far East on a short visit which will include the I.G.Y. Conference at Tokio, and fleeting glimpses of China (rebel-held provinces) and Malaya (non-rebel-held provinces).

The U.S. Educational Foundation in New Zealand announces that Mr. William G. Rodger, Head of the Department of Accountancy, has an award to accept an appointment as visiting Professor of Accounting at the University of California, Los Angeles, obtained for him by the Conference Board of Associated Research Councils. Washington, D.C.

Mr. Rodger, who will be accompanied by his wife, will be leaving about mid-August.

(With apologies to V.U.C. University News.)

What Can Be Done

For years C3 has enjoyed the distinction of being not only the largest room at V.U.C., but also the dreariest. But the improvements recently made show what a little imagination can do to the most unpromising material. The walls have been repainted with various light colours, handsome drapes hung on all the windows, the old iron frames replaced, fluorescent lights installed and the desks revamished. The result is a real credit to the College Council and whoever advised them on the decoration. At last we have a public room lit for outside visitors—quite apart from the students who for generations have had such a bad spin, we hope this is merely a first step in completely redecorating the College. Our Exec's new House Committee might take a hint, and possibly supplement their own artistic ideas with those of the person or persons who were responsible for C3.

and is Done

Have you seen a print called "The [unclear: If] Road." by Roland Hilden? If you Haven't, it's obvious that you haven't been into the Common Room lately, or that if you have, you haven't taken notice of your surroundings. The three pictures hanging there during the past fortnight are just one indication of the work that is now being done to improve student facilities.

Since its establishment the newly-formed House Committee has quietly got under way with proposals tor maintenance and improvement of the Common Rooms in particular, and student facilities in general, it has been set up partly to relieve Executive of some of its burden, partly as a student committee of a more flexible and informal type which can act as a "half-way house" between students and their Executive body. As such, then, it is up to students to make use of it, to find out, who its members are and put forward to it many of the ideas that are discussed more generally—for instance, ideas as to curtains, pictures, chairs, cloakroom facilities, etc.

Although the foundations of the Student Union building will be laid at the end of this year, the present facilities will still be in use for another two, possibly three, years. There is no reason why they should not be made as comfortable and pleasant as possible for (hat period of time without spending an inordinate sum of money on them. During the August vacation, curtain and picture rails will be tilted in the Common Rooms and it is hoped to have the curtains themselves up by mill September. The Women's Common Room is also to have its picture gallery and curtains. Notice boards to replace the old letter rack, and a newspaper stand are all the process of being constructed or bought. When they are installed a larger range of papers and publications on student affairs will be available for those who use these rooms.

All in all, it looks as though the House Committee is really getting under way efficiently, albeit somewhat unobtrusively, with a job which has required attention for some time.

"An adjournment was taken at 8.45 p m for three minutes while the Jazz Club was requested to play pianissimo."

The Executive has set up a sub-committee, consisting of Messrs. Marchant. Hume and Shaw, to discuss with W.T.T.C Executive the matter of reduced Students Association fees for students attending both University and Training College.

At the same meeting Miss Jane Buckles was appointed Convener of the Arts Festival Sub-committee. This committee will consider the advantages, or not, of such a festival, and the kind of activities which the festival should encourage.

A further committee, consisting of Mr. Carver, will solicit designs for a V.U.C. tie, after having considered the original V.U.C. tic.

The Anglican Society and S.C.M. have both added their voices of protest against this year's "Cappidade" and Procesh to that of the C.S.G. recently published in "Salient."

These complaints have been forwarded to the "Cappicade" Committee.