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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 12. August 15, 1957

Unspeakable Bias

Unspeakable Bias

Undeterred by a request (Mr. Devine's letter in "Salient" of 30th May) that my last letter should be my Last [unclear: les] I up my pen again.

What moves me is the demand of my conscience that I protest emphatically against your unspeakable political bias. Last issue you (l) devoted the top of your front page to "the Labour Party's election programme, (2) opened your letter columns, in accordance with an offer I was astounded to read in the new sectarian broadsheet "Left Review," to discussions on that dead horse "Socialism." and (3) have the [unclear: effontery] to cite as a source of material in an item appearing elsewhere on your front page, the mysterious initials "P.V.," by which I am given to understand you mean to refer to the Communist weekly rag, "People's Voice."

I would express the trust that next issue you will devote similar space to the National Party's programme, discussions on free enterprise, and excerpts from United States information Service Bulletins. But I know you are too blooming one-eyed.


(All articles to which "Rightwing" refers were contributed. To date, no contributions along the lines suggested in his last paragraph have been received. The "offer" in "Left Review" was a quite gratuitous piece of advertising.—Ed)