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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 11. August 1, 1957

God Defend New Zealand

God Defend New Zealand

Bull Up the Pole:

"Apart from New Zealand, there are other States which have or have had a basis for a claim to part of the Ross Dependency. Spain made first claim in the area. By the 1493 Bull of Pope Alexader VI. modified by the 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas, Portugal acquired the rigs to all lands from the North Pole to the South Pole lying east of the meridian of approximately 46 degrees 30 seconds west of Greenwich and us equivalent on the other side of the world, and Spain to all lands except the Portuguese. Then in 1606 Quiros claimed, on behalf of King Phillip of Spain, all the lads he had newly discovered or desired to discover in a sector south of some of the Pacific Islands and extending as far as the South Pole, this being the first Antarctic sector claim. This claim would cover most of the Ross Dependency."—Article in "New Zealand Law Journal", 19/2/1957.

Bon Ton:

"One of the effects of sending reputable men to jail is to affect the, odium generally associated with jail, said Mr. Justice Finlay in the Supreme Court . . .

"Mr. K. L. Sandford. Crown Solicitor at Hamilton: "It raises the tone of the jail?"

His Honor: "Yes."

—"Dominion." 31/5/1957.

On The Raw:

"Warner Brothers Present

Baby Doll

(Persons Under 16 Not Admitted)

Featuring a very special new star—

Caroll Baker

She has the same special raw electricity you found before only in

Marlon Brando and James Dean

—Advert in "Evening Post."2l/6/57

"This is the third of a series of supplements informing students of the activities of their notional unlion. N.Z.U.S A. . . ."

—N.Z.U. Student Press Council Supplement. Easter, 1957.

"Unmarried Mothers—

Camera on All Blacks"

—"Pix" Billboard.

What Have We Done?

"My impression of the two sturdy South Islanders. Sidney Holland and Tom Macdonald, is that they are true New Zealand patriots, as rugged and tough as the land that gave them birth. They are statesmen, not just place-hunting politicians . . . As a country gets the Government it deserves, there must be much strength of character among the New Zealand people, to elect men of strength as their leaders."

—Frank Clune. "Roaming Round New Zealand." (1956), Page 125.

"More Women Wanted for Police"

—Headline in "Dominion", 17/6/1957.


"Young Frenchman wishes to engage student to converse in English, during August holidays. P4098 Evg. Post, Petone," and don't forget "Love Through the Ages tonight! 8 o'clock."

—French Club notice board, advertising their revue of 27/6/57.

We Might Have Guessed

"'The chief reason for the failure of Britain's operation in Suez last year was defective intelligence.' said a British Army journal published this week."—"Dominion," 3rd April, 1957.

Action Against H-Bombs

At its meeting of 1st July, the new Exec. decided to act as one of the sponsors of the public meeting shortly to be held in the Town Hall to protest against the continuation of H-Bomb tests. The Exec. fell that the almost unanimous vote of students at the S.G.M. against H-Bombs meant a moral obligation to take such action. Despite the vigorous protests of some members, however, and the successful petitioning by Training College, the new Exec. followed the old in refusing to act on the direction of the S.G.M. to circulate positions and forward them to the Prime Minister.