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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 11. August 1, 1957



The standard of Salient" this year has degenerated issue by issue and your latest effort with "People's Voice" headlines demands a general protest. It would be consistent with the remarkable and original logic of your editorials to condemn my criticism as censorship. In fact, however, my plea, unlike yours, is simply that "Salient" reflect the political and social opinions of students generally At the present time "Salient's" policy is completely independent of and indeed irreconcilable with, student opinion. It is an example of the evil that inevitably results from irresponsible minorities gaining control of the main mouthpiece of the student body. Their temporary dictatorship achieved, they wage a policy completely unrepresentative of student opinion; employing nevertheless the financial resources of the entire student body.

I am unaware whether "Bollinger" is a pseudonym, or whether he or she is a fresher. If not the latter, then your cartoonist can only be at the other end of the chronological scale. None the cartoons yet published has the artistic merit to warrant the production of expensive blocks. And of course, they cannot be excused on political grounds, regardless of whether your political views are Right or Wrong.

The only claim your article on New Zealand s supposed "secret police" could have to publication is as an example of Orwellian fiction. It like your other sensational yellow Press outbursts, can be criticised and cogently refuted in detail. However. I cannot expect the same space that you so gratuitously grant to yourself. Further, your search for "truth" apparently requires that you exercise the "right" to conclude arguments you never even initiated.

—G. N. Cruden.

(Salient' is "an organ of student opinion. Its columns are open to all who care to contribute. Miss Cruden is presumably a fresher, and will probably find her outlook broadens a little when she has been at V.U.C. longer.—Ed.)