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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 11. August 1, 1957

And Again

And Again

May I accept the invitation of 'the V.U.C. Social Democrat Society to comment on their recent publication "Left Review"? While I found their clarification of their own aims and of Socialism in general very enlightening and satisfying, may I humbly suggest that they descend from the Olympian heights of principle and grapple with the thickets of evil within their own city, within their own institution even.

Bach could conceive and give to the glory of God some of the mightiest works of art even to stir the souls of men with wonder that such greatness could dwell amongst them. But he could also write the bread and butter music of church and social life, husband there wives and rear a many numbered brood of offspring. So then let the Social Democrats vilify the rapacious landlords who exploit the weak and struggling in out midsts Let them not be mealy-mouthed with false shallow loyally towards the spiritless, even malicious carrion that roost within their hills, but remember that as the tutor of our future leaders in New Zealand and abroad the University must be not only the intellectual centre of the community but the moral one.

May I conclude. Sir, by recording my appreciation of the opportunity your paper gives me of coming into contact with the more thoughtful and expressive minds of our small community.

—B. C. Walsh.