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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 11. August 1, 1957

Sports Section .

page 8

Sports Section . .

Rumpus over Rugby

Despite the cancellation of the N.Z.U. Rugby tour of Australia, the controversy on the composition of University Rugby teams is still point; on. The O.U. Rugby Club takes the view that only current students should play in University teams and they did not nominate any players for this year's South Island Universities and New Zealand University teams. O.U. players who were in these teams were selected without having been nominated by their club. The Otago University Football Club are supported in their stand by the Otago University Students' Association and it is believed that the agricultural colleges have a similar view.

The question as to who should and who should not play for a university sports club is a matter for the various clubs to decide for themselves. It brings little credit to a university if a number of the players of a university club are non-students, past or present. In our view those who have never been bona fide students should not be allowed to play for a university club. This might well weaken some university clubs but at least they would be being honest with themselves and with the public.

In overseas countries it is the custom for a university sports side to consist only of current students and we feel that this practice should be adopted by N.Z.U. teams meeting overseas university teams in all sports. It would be most unfair to our opponents to do otherwise.

There remains, then, to consider the composition of N.Z.U. sides to meet provincial teams. In all sports other than Rugby, these games are played at the conclusion of tournament and the N.Z.U. representatives are therefore all current students. We see no reason why Rugby should be made an exception of in this respect.

—Sports Editor.

Blues for Potting the Red?

Exec. have received a letter from O.U. suggesting that billiards and snooker be included in Winter Tournament. At all the colleges, there are billiard tables in the hostels and at C.U.C. and O.U. there are tables in the Student Union Buildings, so there are plenty of facilities for these games.

At least one member of Exec. is very much in favour of these sports being included in the tournament programme and would like to see a competition started for all those interested in these sports at V.U.C. Anyone care to [unclear: found] a club?

Tramping Club

Dawn Was Right

On Friday, 12th July. 20 heavily-oiled members of the tramping club with John Thompson leading were mad enough to take a truck to The Pines and start walking to Mine Flats' Hut, while the sensible element of V.U.C. stayed home to listen to the Goon Show.

Thanks to the Creator it was a brightly-lit night, but by 3.30 Saturday morning they were still in gorilla country, so after exchanging photographs of sleeping tablets they all dropped off beneath the pungas.

Tramping like madmen (how else?) they reached the hut next morning and set off for Mitre at 11 after a session at the trough. They Mitre got to the top but for the soft snow which rose up two feet for every step forward. (The more optimistic members believed they reached Peggy's Peak).

Around the hut, birdlife was profuse, varieties seen including the throllope, the pipwit, the lesser-crested grebe, and the slotted bagsnatcher.

Coming out on Sunday afternoon, several parties missed the track which was very indistinct at times. They probably will have found it again by the time this document goes to press.

The trip on the whole was fairly easy, at least 80 per cent, returning.


P.S. B——McKelvey also ran.