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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 9. June 27, 1957

Biol. Soc: — Back in the Jungle

Biol. Soc:

Back in the Jungle

. . being an account of a recent activity of the highly esteemed Biology Society.

Tramper: As I did stand my pack upon the hill. I looked toward the Catchpool and methought the wood began to move.

Deerstalker: [unclear: Liar] and slave!

Tramper: Let me endure your wrath if be not so, within this five mile may son see it coming. I say, a moving grove.

The migration of [unclear: Birnam] Wood in "Macbeth." had nothing on the razing of the Orongorongos by the [unclear: herbarian] hunters over Queen's Birthday in fact the Society is seriously considering charging the Forest Service for clearing their tracks. (This would compensate for the raw deal Exce. gave them)

The trampers taxied on the Friday night, from Woburn to the Five-Mile (and this is where the story really begins), and slithered along the track aided by the light of glowworms for three hours until midnight when the) reached the Waerenga hut.

The next day, tripping daintily from weed to weed, they covered the full mile down to Green's stream, where several specimens of the rate Prince of Wales and Kidney ferns were discovered. The evening was spent singing nice songs and all went quietly is to bed at an early hour, due to the deadening effect of Dudley's mighty curried stew.

On Sunday morning land this is where the story really begins) a certain shrew was tamed with a [unclear: pa] scissors [unclear: thow] are those serrated claws developing Diana? and the trip to Baine's but done Hour's were spent waiting for Diane's [unclear: new] camera to function, or more [unclear: correctly] for Diane to function with her new camera.

On the way back. Mac operated a shuttle service with his car at one [unclear: stace] seven people and two packs being in his Austin 10 This is significant when it a realised that one of the seven was Diane.

The students who went were: George. Gibbs. Janice Cowan (stop that Marilyn. Monroe-type-walking) Margaret Mathewson (have you destroyed those shorts yet?). Mary (Laya Raki) Edwards. Moriati Heine (he talked to the trees, that's why they him away). Mac. Duncan. Diana Barke. Tony (500 c.c. twin). Taylor and Di (nosaur) Norris. Tarantula Franklin (Let every member hew him down a bow and [unclear: bear't] before him) was the leader

To sum up, this trip of the aptly-named Biology Society was Mirabilis except for the inadequate equipment.

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