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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 9. June 27, 1957

God Defend N.Z

God Defend N.Z.


"Experts, said Mr. Gotz, had informed him that he would be in more danger from the dial of his watch than the fall-out from all the nuclear bombs ever exploded."—"Evening Post." 14th

"You must see the New Zealand Players in The Mousetrap."

—Bookmark picked up in College Library recently.

Soft Soap

"Constable L. A. Cockburn said that on the afternoon of April 12 he was on duty at the opening ceremony of Lever Brothers' new building in Jackson Street, Petone and there were between 400 and 500 people present. The ceremony was being performed by the Minister of Industries and Commerce (Mr. Halstead). While the managing director of the firm. (Mr. J. R. Mann) was making the opening speech, a piercing scream came from on top of a building under construction on the opposite side of the street.

"The constable said he saw the defendant in an old hat, his hair all over his face, a soap carton round him, and carrying a long stick with his underclothes on either end of it. He was jumping up and down like a maniac, and screaming. The witness went over to the building to see the defendant, who at first refused to give his name and address, and witness added that for some time he got no co-operation from anyone working on the building.

"In reply to Mr. A. T. Rolling, for the defendant, the constable said his main concern was for the important people who were present at the function, and he did not think he had seen worse examples of behaviour in students' capping parades."—"Evening Post," 22nd May, 1957.

Cats in the Nest

"It is a dirty bird that fouls its own nest: and the vandals who over the weekend so viciously defaced the Kelburn cable car installation are extremely dirty birds. They have not only grossly besmirched the city in which they live, but they have caused a distinct danger to human life. . . .

"Whether or not students were, in fact, responsible, in whole or in part, for the affair, the attitude of those who yesterday cat-called and found amusement in the vandals' 'art' gives reason for concern and dismay."—"Evening Post" editorial, 2nd April, 1957.

Not Good Enough

"The Marquess of Lansdowne, speaking during the Suez debate in the House of Lords, said that when he was in New Zealand recently he had attended an official lunchcon at which the Minister of Agriculture (Mr. Holyoake) had referred to 'England right or wrong.'

Photo of a man

"This, he said, had been very moving to hear, but he had felt he had in all honesty to reply that the spirit of 'England right or wrong' was not really quite good enough."—"Evening Post," 28th May 1957.

A welcome increase in the use of the mobile X-ray unit recently at V.U.C. was shown this year. But only c. 290 out of over 2000 students is still but a drop in the bucket. The possibility of compulsory X-rays is being investigated.

Paul's Book Arcade, Hamilton and Auckland, publishers of "Company Law," by Julius Hogben, are anxious to find a student who will sell this book to lawyers and accountants on commission. Would anybody interested please write to:

Paul's Book Arcade,

P.O. Box 928, Hamilton.