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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 7. 30th May, 1957

No Genius

No Genius

There is much to admire in this film. The technicolor just as an experimental achievement deserves praise; the Elijah sequence is well handled and there are some fine faces and a fine mood at the "Pequod's departure. The whale-chases themselves arc excitingly contrived. I like the use made of Pip, the cabin-boy from Alabama, and the unusually restrained handling of Queequeg's coffin. And I welcomed the sequences where the background music was absent Moby Dick is a good film; and a sincere one, I suppose, in that Huston is being honest to himself in his present phase. It is a pity he tackled one of his greatest ambitions in the film industry's current experimental stage, and it can only be hoped that he will forget the visual excitement for a while, and turn to subjects a little less big—stories of intimate intensity. "Moby Dick", after all, has a certain Shakespearean magnitude. Remember, John huston, "the play's the thing".—I.R.

A bible-class called Dolores
Found few could achieve Heaven's glories,
So to make the few fewer Corrupted the pure
By telling indecorous stories.


A Very Limited Amount of Accommodation is Available at Exec. Office, any Inquiries or Offers should be Handed to Officer in Charge, Miss Le Fort, or Advertised in "salient."