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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 6. May 9, 1957

University v The Bomb

University v The Bomb

Last week's special general meeting, and the mention on the front page of our last issue of the meeting at Auckland University College a fortnight before, show that the New Zealand University community is alert to the moral issues and matters of political and medical expediency which are involved in the testing of H-bombs in general, and the current series of tests on Christmas Island in particular.

"Craccum", the A.U.C. student paper, has produced an excellent issue with a front page devoted to the question.

"Critic" at Otago University, has also devoted some space and prominence to it.

We print here in full the text of the resolution carried at the A.U.C. joint meeting of 3 College Clubs on Wednesday, 17th April:

"That this meeting of students called by the S.C.M., the International Relations Club and the Socialist Club of A.U.C.—

(1)Deplores the participation by New Zealand in the current preparations for the British (Hydrogen Bomb) tests, which widespread public uneasiness has developed;
(2)Expresses its dismay that a Government which refused to decide the question of capital punishment without a referendum, should make the grave decision to implicate New Zealand in the testing of the Hydrogen bomb, at a location 600 miles from New Zealand territory, without so much as a special Parliamentary debate;
(3)Urges that the Government take immediate steps to dissociate our country from the tests by withdrawal of the service units and other New Zealand personnel assisting;
(4)Urges that New Zealand at the same time take action within the United Nations and the Commonwealth to initiate action by all non-testing Powers in an effort to bring about agreement between Britain, Russia and America to hold no further tests;
(5)Supports in principle the public proposals already made that New Zealand should initiate action in the United Nations and;
(6)Urges the Leader of the Opposition and the Parliamentary Labour Party to reconsider their attitude to these proposals in view of the urgent need for some positive lead on this question."

"That this meeting urge on the Prime Minister that New New Zealand has a special responsibility to its citizens who live in the Cook Islands some 600 miles from the projected bomb explosion, who are for the most part not in a position to know the dangers that threaten them."

"That copies of this resolution be sent to the Rh. Hon. the Prime Minister of New Zealand, all members of Cabinet, the Rt. Hon. the Leader of the Opposition, the Rt. Hon. the Prime Minister of Great Britain, the N.Z. National Council of Churches, the Roman Catholic Church of N.Z., the Students Associations of Constituent Colleges of the University of N.Z., and the Press."

A petition for the discontinuance of tests drafted by members of the Physics Department Staff at A.U.C. is reported to have already received over 40 signatures among the A.U.C. staff.