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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 6. May 9, 1957

Depressing Story

page 5

Depressing Story

The usual announcement at Easter Tournament Ball that Victoria are going home with the trophy they have made their own—the Wooden Spoon no longer even raises a laugh.

This year's results (set out below) are just about the most dismal ever. Just why this College, which does so well at Winter Tournament should be a consistent failure at Easter is not easily explained. Suggested contribution factors are: lack of training facilities; Victoria's high percentage of part time students; poor Club organisation and a sheer lack of hard work. To some extent Vic's poor showing in Athletics and Swimming (worth for the winners 14 and 10 points) reflects the lack of interest in these sports in Wellington as a whole.

Whatever the reasons for this lamentable showing it reflects not on the teams but on the whole student body, if this College is not interested in the performances of its sporting representatives—well, fair enough. But if students Are interested then let's see a little more drive and effort from individual Clubs. Perhaps we might quote with this year's Tournament Controller, the last phrase of the Olympic oath: "Desirous of participating in them in the true spirit of sportmanship for the monour of our country and the glory of sport."

Honour may be a feeling that's a little out of date but it would be nice for this College to leave the Wooden Spoon behind occasionally. In the meantime—well, Winter can't be worse.

Points won in the various sports are:—
A.U.C. V.U.C. C.U.C. O.U.
Men 3 12 6
Women 1 2
Basketball 3
Boxing 3 5 2
Cricket 8
Rowing 8
Shooting 5 1
Swimming 3 6 10
Tennis 5 1 1 8
Total 21 6 43 44½