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Salient. The Newspaper of Victoria University College. Vol. 20, No. 3. April 12, 1956

Manifesto of the Victoria University College Council

Manifesto of the Victoria University College Council

Our story is subtle:
Since we're out to scuttle
The knowledge that's known as inductive,
You might idly deduce
That our minds have no use
For a method that might prove instructive.
But you would be wrong;
Our tradition is strong
In the realms of the purely deductive.

We'll grant no permission
To practise sedition,
However we choose to define it;
Since all higher learning
Depends on the burning
Of dangerous thought, we opine it
Requites our discretion
To curb the expression
Of heresy where we can find it.

We're quite up-to-date,
Since the views that we state
Are logically Aristotelian
(Though working for NATO
We're back up by Plato,
We're not a bit Mephistophelian).
We simply know,
As the facts clearly show
That Mao is neo-Hegelian.

But since we've the right to
Refusal to fight you.
We'll flush out our brains in committee;
Where no naughty schorar
Can enter a holler
Of protest, or try to be witty,
By making us seem
Like a poet's young dream
For the theme of a humorous ditty.
All we need say
Is that, as from today,
The position up here is as stated:
You'll get no permission
To toy with perdition.
However your I.Q. is rated:
(And though you malign us.
We'll dint: to Aquinas.
And we don't give a damn if he's dated).

Anton Vogt,

Hon. Sec, qui mal y pense.