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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria University College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 2. March 20, 1957

A Gentle Echo on the Pursuit of Knowledge

A Gentle Echo on the Pursuit of Knowledge


Victoria praise be you preserve your mode and gait Victoriate Hellfire consume the New Morality and Others you excoriate. Let me number myself cream-faced latest among your laureates.Rats.


I lost some mana, Victoria, I'm not the man I was I was huffed My Bursary by Mister Algie's men I goofed and goofed Hygeia-, Athene-, Persephone-wise and still it's got me bluffed: Now say: Should I with Gertrude Stein, or Ep-, or Eei- be stuffed?


Victoria (hear me gentle Echo) when to this University

I came at first the goose (Hey! pensive Echo!) was honking high.

But the women and (damnation, listen Echo!) grog set all awry

Oi! . . . Echo! . . . could there be something diverting your eye?

In your eye.


So behind those bricks of Mockery-Bolsh by my name on a roster

They say that even for a preNew Deal P.P.T. Bursar I lacked lustre

The Teachers' College yarns back at me, a Hole, what juster

Than ivied penance supported in Purgatory among wee paternosters ?

And your nostrils.


Victoria I brought for thee the year's new milky pup,

This Fresher, suffused with the usual Reader's-Digested pap

And Willow-Willow-Wylie—he badly needs a word to set him up.

Set him up.




Victoria, how sing the sweet thing for which I'm here?


Kind Echo, do you plays to all my certainties destroyer?


Echo, how tell the clay the sweet shell rests upon?

'S a bum!

O how shall I fortify my self 'gainst your abuse?


What best defends mo, Echo, from your acrimony?


Lest I displease you, what do you surest find most lewd and nasty?


How must I be t'ensure your fury's dilatory?

A Tory.

And what is it most surely makes you see red ?

A Red.

If I pursued the Most High Truth—how could I see Him?


How, then, to arrange a person to Person interview?


O Victoria, how may I woo you so that you keep quiet?

Keep quiet.

Echo, though I inspire you still I Will dry you up.

Hell dry you up!



Marginal Notes

(1)The Elder Student, Horridly Seamed and far gone in Venery, consulted with the Echo, Victoria, and receiveth a Playful Adminition.
(2)Victoria, never too subtle, Prescribed Further.
(3)The Echo, Victoria, permitteth her Attention to wander, but maketh the Best of It.
(4)The Echo, considerably Awed by Dantesque Imagery, loseth a little Ground.
(5)The Elder Student produceth a small, revolting object from his Fob.
(6)Followeth a Long Silence, broken only by Echo's Dalliance with a waterfront whistle.
(7)The Fresher engageth the Echo's [unclear: tition.]
(8)This sheweth that all Freshers and certain others may learn, by keeping quiet to detect certain other Echoes, Perhaps.