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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 1. 4th March, 1957

God Defend New Zealand

God Defend New Zealand

Not Angels, but Angles

"Party politics, Labour versus National, is comparable with North Island versus South Island, husband versus wife, and nation versus nation. The solution lies in a fuller perspective as in the case of a right-angled triangle in which the square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides. This principle will give us unity and peace, while the other two sides make for perpetual division and war. New Zealand can lead."

—Letter in the Evening Post,

Clear Thinking

"Mr. Holland said the country was getting good value for the money spent on the Police Force. What other workers work overtime without any special pay? he asked.

Mr. Hackett: "Nurses in hospitals."

Mr. Holland: "They are not policemen."

Dominion, 26/10/1956.

What a Common Commonwealth

"A British Commonwealth comprising Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand is the dream of fighter ace Group Captain Douglas Bader, who is now visiting Christchurch. 'Chuck out the [unclear: otiMifc] who don't give a damn about [unclear: us] We'll do a lot better without them with money being spent in countries that always stick together no matter what,' he said."

Evening Post, 6/11/1956.

The Last Word

"Sex must Stop."

—Weekend Billboard, Nov., 1956.

Nothing to Lose but his Cows

"This 14-stand cowshed on the property of Mr. F. P. Walsh, President of the Federation of Labour, in the Wairarapa, near Featherston, makes the milking of the 250-260 cows on the farm a relatively easy task. It is the largest milking herd in New Zealand."

—Caption to a photograph in The Weekly News, 4/7/1956.

Too Deep for Words

"A police constable admitted in the Magistrates' Court, Lower Hutt, yesterday, that a statement he produced in evidence on a charge of theft had been typed by himself after the accused had already signed the blank sheet of paper while intoxicated. It contained the words 'I plead guilty'.

"Mr. Drummond, S.M., said that for reasons upon which he was not prepared to elaborate, he would not accept the typewritten statement."

Dominion, 13/2/1957.

Bearer of Gool Tidings.

"Sir Anthony Arrives. Petrol Price Cut."

—Dominion Billboard, 22/2/1957