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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 1. 4th March, 1957

Films... — Somebody Down Here Likes Marlon Brando

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Somebody Down Here Likes Marlon Brando

[unclear: I] main trouble with Somebody [unclear: here] Likes Me" is that so much [unclear: as] been seen before. Every[unclear: ho] saw On The Waterfront remember Marlon Brando [unclear: ing,] stumbling about with his [unclear: ammed] into the pockets of his [unclear: and] blowing mistily into the [unclear: morning] air; then remember [unclear: gruff] so hesitant, so gosh-[unclear: cute] as he first finds himself [unclear: ted] in a nice girl? Well, its just [unclear: me] in this film, except that the [unclear: s] not Brando but Paul Newman, [unclear: s] so in the credits at the begin .

And many of the bits that traceable to On The Water- might make Frank Sinatra and Novak and Eleanor Parker and Preminger feel they had lost [unclear: bing] somewhere, recently.

[unclear: A] story concerns a slum-child Eastside New York who grows [unclear: petty] thief and street-brawler, becoming world middleweight [unclear: sional] boxing champion. The [unclear: ley] put it in the film, it's about poor boy who becomes a good, [unclear: ae.] (Incidentally, at the film's be hero's parents still appear living in the same lousy old [unclear: Its] they were at the beginning, [unclear: ray] I see it, this goes to show [unclear: t] the end the champ could not [unclear: been] both good and rich. I [unclear: he] either could not afford to [unclear: is] parents, in which case he was [unclear: ch,] or else he could help them [unclear: id] not want to, in which case [unclear: s] not good. Curious).

[unclear: one] can ignore the fact that a [unclear: lent] may be found for almost [unclear: other] shot, one discovers in [unclear: ody] Up There Likes Me a few [unclear: ble] elements. Newman, as I [unclear: said,] is just a Brando-boy, but [unclear: a] good one; beneath the man[unclear: s] and between the mumbles [unclear: ccasional] pieces of very sensi [unclear: ting,] particularly in one or [unclear: two] scenes with his wife. He is [unclear: gh] guy who can be tender con-[unclear: gly.]

Angeli as his wife was no than usual. A city, because [unclear: id] a good part and an important

The hero's hysterical mother [unclear: a] little tedious, despite a most [unclear: uting] physiognomy, and his [unclear: r,] a has-been deadbeat ex-boxer [unclear: qnick,] was far from impressive, [unclear: as] too much the has-been dead [unclear: ex-boxer] nogoodnick, and barely at all. Everett Sloane as the [unclear: i] trainer-manager was one of [unclear: est] among the minor parts. (You remember him as the character he Big Knife" who called everydarling" with a German accent;

[unclear: he] was the one who possibly the most guffaws and least ved them.)

photography was interesting, if [unclear: Imes] lacking in originality, and [unclear: xing] scenes were always [unclear: excit]

religious overtones implied in [unclear: tie] wore tasteless and out of altogether. This is in keening [unclear: the] clumsiness and lack of [unclear: iation] which mar what might [unclear: been] a first-class story; the of success threatened by past [unclear: is] fraught with possibilities, [unclear: re] they have played down the inherent in such a situation [unclear: nphasised] the sentiment, with [unclear: ting] sacrifice of integrity and [unclear: kite.]

[unclear: are] told that Somebody Up Likes Me is based on the life [unclear: ky] Graziano himself, who did middleweight champion some [unclear: go.] It is to be suspected that, [unclear: many] Hollywood biographies, [unclear: kers] of this film have done a [unclear: ce] not only to the public and [unclear: ma,] but also to the life they to depict.