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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 20, No. 1. 4th March, 1957

What's Cooking? — Lex Gentium Lux

What's Cooking?

Lex Gentium Lux

That could well be the motto of the present Students' Association Executive.

At least three vacancies were known to be coming up in the summer vacation, as Miss Lovegrove, and Messrs. Ward and Can ham, were being called elsewhere for the advancement of their several careers. It is perturbing enough that persons should stand for office knowing that they will be able to hold it for little more than half its term. And it is more perturbing that the two vacancies that have occurred so far (Messrs. Ward and Canham), have both been used by the Executive to swell the already oversized representation of the Law Faculty on the Executive. But what is clearly the most disturbing feature is that there are now no full-time men students on the Exec. Full-timers may be in a minority at Vic. but should they be totally unrepresented?

It could have been an excellent opportunity to introduce young enthusiasts to a brief term of administrative experience. But we have two men, both with plenty of knowledge of student affairs; and yet in the few months of office they shall enjoy, there will really only be time to learn the ropes, if we must indulge in broken terms we might at least use co-option to train the next generation.

We have nothing against Messrs. Mummery or Bathgate as prospective Executive members. Everything we know of them both indicates that they are as good material as we have seen on a V.U.C. Exec. in a long while. But the fact of their Faculty allegiance (and their age), especially in the light of past events, makes their promotion look unpleasantly like a coup d'etat.

Sir Anthony (Ship me somewhere east of Suez) Eden may have thought New Zealand would be a quiet haven for a discredited politician, but he was foredoomed to feature largely in V.U.C's 1957 Extravaganza. We hear that John Dawick, John Gamby, and others are busy on a script which includes Anthony and Cleopatra, and someone called Colonel Asser. We hope Sir Anthony may have had sufficient rest at seaside hideouts to face the bright lights of Wellington for at least one evening during V.U.C's brief Opera House season, which, incidentally, promises to be briefer (and later) than usual this year.

Students under the age of eighteen should note that they are still eligible for concessions on public transport. For further information apply to the City Council Transport Department Our Exec. is also considering requesting concessions for all full-time students in view of the recent substantial fare increases—another burden on light pockets.