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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 19, No. 9 August 12, 1955

News Flash

News Flash.

—(Rec. 5 p.m. Thursday, N.Z.U.S-N.A.)—On Friday, August 12th, a party numbering 130 will depart from the Port of Wellington on board the s.s. "Maori" on the first stage of a voyage of exploration into the deep South.

We are told that they are in search of the famed W.T. Shield which, although previously discovered in Wellington last August, has since gone missing and it is believed that it will be found in the vicinity of the Octagon. Because the area is still only in a semi-civilized state, our representatives are well-armed with a varied assortment of armament ranging from miniature rules to shuttle-cocks.

Leader of the expedition is Gentleman Jim (Sweaty) Hutchison, with Monsieur Toni Eilis—a renowned swordsman and fencer—as his secondin-command. Other well-known members of the team are Messrs. Gilberd and Stevens of long-distant running fame, Boon and Carver, whose prowess with the machet and spoon will stand them in good stead against all-comers, and representatives from Fiji and India, Messrs. Naidu and Reddy who will (respectively) storm the defences of the opposing force, and defend our own. A speedy frontal attack is expected from NZU Blue-holders, Salt and Darrocott in their own specialised field, and the success of the expedition will be partly assured if they succeed in their quest for the "basket" in which a portion of the shield is kept.

The female representatives include Mademoiselle Diana Fussell, another fencer. Miss Hazel Blick who, with the support of her five female cohorts, will join the male team in the "basket" search; and Miss Myrna Bertrand, whose hard hitting tactics should bring her within shooting distance of her goal.

A secondary delegation attached to the expedition are Messrs. Iles, Marchant, and Elder Statesman Whitta, who will be occupied with "peace talks" when victory has been assured for those fighting under the green and gold banner.

Those at home wish all members of the expedition success in their varied fields—Play the game—make friends, and above all, strive with all your might for success. You have earned your representative status—but show that you have deserved it and uphold the name and honour of the University to which you belong.