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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 19, No. 9 August 12, 1955

Editorial Comment

Editorial Comment

Mr. Marchant's resignation from the Secretaryship of the Students' Association is his most emphatic protest against apathetic members of the Executive.

"Salient" expresses its fullest confidence in Mr. Marchant, whom "Salient" regrets has found it necessary to take this drastic step. It will be argued that, as he has himself been elected by the Student body, he has a responsibility to fight that apathy inside the executive.

Mr Whitta's resignation from the Treasurership is ostensibly on the grounds that, without Mr. Marchant. the Executive will become another "caretaker Government" and that he can carry on his duties as well as before outside the Association. With this latter course "Salient" agrees, but suggests that Mr. Whitta's attempt to coerce the Executive into refusing to accept Mr. Marchant's resignation, while laudable, may not achieve its purpose either.

For Mr. Whitta, it appears an easy way out.

"Salient" suggests that the wisest plan for Executive is to refuse to accept either Mr. Marchant's or Mr. Whitta's resignation and with consciences now brought to life, go ahead with their work of administering the funds and protecting the interests of the Association generally. Mr. Marchant's protest has done by this time as much as it will do and if he cannot withdraw, the Association loses a conscientious Secretary.

Mr. Whitta's resignation, as he intimates, will not make much difference.

Mr. Marchant's protest is directed against some who do the absolute minimum of work—even less—and who are borne along by the few whose time and energies are wholeheartedly devoted to furthering the interests of the Association.

It is unjust for the few to have to do, on top of their own duties, the work allocated to others.

The whole sequence of events does in "Salient's" view indicate most strongly that there is something wrong with the present system of election and representation. Too often those who are elected are not capable. An overhaul of the system is necessary, but now is not the time. Finals are nearly upon us and we could not do the task justice.

The more the basic issues become obscured, the harder it becomes to find a solution.