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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 19, No. 9 August 12, 1955

Secretary, Treasurer Resign — Emphatic Protest

Secretary, Treasurer Resign

Emphatic Protest

A the last meeting of the executive (Monday 8th), Secretary John Marchant threw down the gauntlet of hit resignation. It was picked up.

A the same time, committee [unclear: member] Tony Ellis moved a motion successfully excluding "Salient" representatives, including the Editor, from the meeting.

Reasons given by the Secretary for his action were outlined in an explanatory note affixed to his letter of resignation which he tabled at the close of the five hour meeting.

After the Secretary had read his letter, Miss Gillian Hemery, 3rd year Arts student (recently elected) said: "We have tried to find out about the organisation . . . we have not received any indication as to how we have failed . . ."

Mr. Marchant then left the room.

Said men's vice-president Jim Hutchison: "If he had been on the executive for a longer period last year, he might have been more tolerant."

Men's committee member Ellis then moved "That we go into committee from the time that Mr. Marchant left the room." It was proposed by others that "We go into committee from the time the letter of resignation was presented . . ." There were some objections to this—Miss Hemery said: "Mr. Marchant's not here . . " but the motion was put and carried without dissension.

"Salient" staff members left the room.

Twenty-three minutes later, when the meeting came out of camera. Mr. Marchant and "Salient" representatives returned.

Chairman W. Iles then moved "That we regret Mr. Marchant's offer to resign, and that we ask him to reconsider, and that we accept his offer to remain in office for a period of two weeks." This motion was carried with Miss Grocott recording her dissert.

Asked by the Chairman if he had anything to say, Secretary Marchant replied: "That decision was not made today or yesterday, but has been accruing over several weeks ... I am quite firm in my own mind about my resignation I am also very grateful that you ask me to stay in office."

Committee member Rich: . . . we do regret that he has made this decision . . ."

Tony Eilis: . . exceedingly so . . ."

The chairman declared the mooting closed, and [unclear: set] the next executive meeting for Monday, August 22. at 7 p.m.

The following la the complete text of Mr. Marchant's letter of resignation and accompanying statement.

"I pour contempt on any person elected to Executive office who does not fulfil the obligations and functions of his appointment; I have no regard for anyone who does not attempt more than that which is his clear and simple duty.

"Executive office la an exacting task which requires hard work and much personal sacrifice.

"Passive armchair administration and mere lip-service are a crippling curse and a sure sign that consciences are shrivelling and hardening and dying. 'Already many election promises appear as a fantastic collection of shuffling insincerities.

"I can no longer be a member of an elected body which has in its number some who are falling in their duty as servants of our Association.

"I therefore present my letter of resignation."

"The President, VUCSA.

Dear Sir,

I write this letter to tell you of my determination to resign as secretary of the Association and as a member of the Executive.

"I shall be happy to continue in my office for a period of no longer than two weeks from now until a date which the Executive may determine.

Yours faithfully,

John Marchant,