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Salient. The Newspaper of Victoria University College. Vol. 19, No. 7. June 16, 1955


"Discontinue participation in international student affairs," said MAC at NZUSA Council at Easter. Their grounds for advocating this step were primarily that New Zealand students are not going to be interested in international student affairs as such unless they themselves can participate in these activities. Because of our geographically isolated position we were in no position to benefit from COSEC activities. Until such time as students of NZU are interested in these matters, it is impractical to despatch observers and delegates overseas.

If capping collections in each College, continued MAC's delegation, were devoted to specific projects in the international field, interest would be stimulated.

VUC pointed out that they were in no position to devote any proceeds from Capping to any fund other than their general one.

OU agreed that students were not interested in overseas activities, and suggested that one reason for this might be lack of Information. The cause of the lack might be attributed by some to NZUSA, whereas in fact it was the obligation of college executives to circulate information on these matters. It would be, said they a great pity if International activities were to cease because colleges did not circulate this news.