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Salient. The Newspaper of Victoria University College. Vol. 19, No. 7. June 16, 1955

Brass-Bound Ballot-Box Back-In The Main Hall

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Brass-Bound Ballot-Box Back-In The Main Hall

Voting takes place in the main foyer of the Arts Building for the new Executive of the Students' Association, 1955/6, on Friday, June 17, Monday 20, and Tuesday 21. If your name is not on the electoral roll you should contact the Returning Officer. All financial members of the Students' Association are entitled to vote. Usually about 33 per cent of the College does so: make sure you are within that group. Remember that it is through apathy such as ours that Hitler and Mussolini were democratically elected to their dictatorships.

The following are the members of the out-going Executive:—
  • President: B. V. Galvin.
  • Men's Vice-president: R. I. Gilberd.
  • Women's Vice-president: Pamela Beck.
  • Treasurer: J. M. Whitta.
  • Secretary: W. Iies.
  • Men's Committee: J. G. Hutchison, W. Sheat, C. J. C. Marchant, I. Rich.
  • Women's Committee: Rosemary Burton, Diana Lescher, Beverly Watkine, Peggy Thorn.


Dave Crowe

"I Am going to make a plea, which to the many hundreds in this electorate will seem quite astonishing—I am going to make a plea for modesty!"

With this statement. "Modest Dave" announces his intention of becoming President.

A Puritanical obtuseness of sentiment, a stupid infantile goodness, is creeping among us, instead of the vigorous passions and virtues clad in flesh and blood with which the old Executives presented us. Today our friends on the Exec, are the dullest dogs we know. They are not educated: they are only college passmen. They are not religious:-they are only pewrentcrs. They are not moral: they are only conventional.

We need a fresh and original approach, unshackled from the chains of precedent. Dave is not on ex-Parliamentary candidate. He is not an Exec. man of so many years standing. Already a champion for the ill-paid law clerk and non-paid woman student. "Modest Dave" fought bitterly against the extraction of 10/- for the privilege of ex-travving in Hastings.

No gruff man he, but bubbling with conviviality and bonhomie. Dave is known as the "Good Listener."

You May Like Like But Yes Will

Rave for Dave

Nominator: Peter Crowe.

Seconders: S. Lockhart. J. Browne.

Walter Iles

Walter is a fourth year law student, part-time after two years full-time. Has held these postions
  • Secretary' Association 1954-55, coopted member of Executive 1953-54,
  • Secretary Finance, Blues. Publications Committees 1954-55.
  • Delegate NZUSA Winter 1954. Easter 1955.
  • Business Manager Cappicade 1955.
  • Finance Controller Extrav Tour 1955.
  • Chairman WUS Committee 1955.

Sports are Rugby (in other years) and Shooting. President of the Miniature Rifle Club 1953-54, 54-55. 55-56. Tournament Shooting Team 1953. 1954. Shooting Controller, Chairman NZU Shooting Council. Captain VUC and North Island Universities' Teams 1954, College Shooting Blue 1953.

He has done much work on the reorganisation of the internal administration of the Association and the wide range of Administrative positions he has held have given him a thorough, knowledge of the affairs of the Association.

He considers that while interest must be maintained in national and international student affairs, the immediate problems are closer to home. The facilities, cost and site of the Union Building have yet to be determined: the control and use of Te Aro Park has not yet been considered: the Men's and Women's common rooms must be improved now the money is in hand: attention must be given to the renovation of the cafeteria.

Nominator: B. V. Galvin.

Seconders: J. G. Hutchison, A. D. Robinson.

John Marchant

A Fifth year, full-time Arts and Music student who has already made some contribution to VUC both as President of Weir House and as an organising member of various College activities.

1951—Music Society Committee 1952-53—Music Society Treasurer. 1952-53-54—Winter Tournament Drama. 1953—VUC's team in British Drama League competitions. 1953-5455—Extravaganza stage-crow, chorus and make-up. 1954—Drama Committee. 1954-55—Assisted with the advertising in Capplcado. 1954-55—Fulltime President of Weir who in his annual report gave overdue and outspoken criticism of the tardiness and shortcoming of the Management Committee's administration of the House. 1955—Unanimous co-option to the Executive shortly after the beginning of the session.

Billeting controller for the successful Extravaganza lour.

In addition to these specific offices. John has run with the harriers, contributed to "Salient".

As a full-time President he would support:—

• The extension of Weir, an improvement in the existing common rooms and progress towards the new Student Union Building in an endeavour to offer the opportunities and benefits of corporate existence to as many students as possible.

• A marked improvement in the capping book.

• Contributions to the public welfare by capping collections and further extrav. tours for charity.

Nominated: Pamela Beck.

Seconders: Ian Rich,' R. C. Schroder.

John Whitta

John was Association Treasurer 1954-55: representative to NZUSA August 1954 and Easter 1955; Finance Committee 1954-55; Publications Committee 1953-54; inaugurated Boarding Bureau 1955.

Well-known to most College clubs—main interests Rugby (sometime Captain Junior Thirds), Athletics and Debating (Joynt Scroll representative New Speaker's and Union Prizes).

Active last two extravs—this year Financial Controller. Business Manager "Salient" 1953.

A qualified accountant and B.Com., now studying Law.


• 'Students' Association Building: Maintain place on priority list: firm stand against intervention of new library: a committee to receive suggestions for minor alterations, additions to plan, and report within month.

• Facilities: Urgent replacement useless fire equipment, hot water in conveniences, improvements to common rooms and re-instatement of gymnasium. Enlargement of boarding bureau. Health scheme.

• Club Grants: Investigation comparative requirements cultural: sporting clubs. Definite policy on "ground fees.

• Capping: Boost for graduands' suppor: Extrav. in last week of term, greater variety in social refreshments.

• NZUSA: Support representative on Senate, increase and reallocation of bursaries, fresher eligibility Easter Tournaments; and re-adoption of VUC's role as leader in Foreign Affairs (Asian scholarships, WUS etc).

• General: Better allocation and delegation of duties amongst Exec. members, with a wider enlistment for ad hoc jobs as they occur.

Nominator: J. Dawick.

Seconders: Gordon Cruden, B. C. Shaw.

Men's Vice-President

James Hutchison

Jim Hutchison, otherwise known as "Honest Jim." "Gentleman Jim," "Diamond Jim," "Karori Jim," "Flash Jim," "Big—," 'Biggest——in Wellington." Hon. James Hutchison-Gibb, ham writer and bit actor, unphotogenic, but pleasant disposition, born under the sign of Virgo, therefore favours women, nylon shirts and extravs, considers that exec. member's lot is not a happy one but is prepared to suffer for humanity, has worked as an unpaid train-wheel tapper, likes Hawke's Bay—family motto is "Facilis Descensus Eternis."

Nominated: W. Ies.

Seconders: J. Treadwell, B. Boon.

Women's Vice-President

Diana Lescher

Diana is a 4th year part-time arts student who has had over two years' experience on the exec. On the outgoing exec. she was a member of the finance committee and controller of the social committee. Member Extrav. cast 1953-55.

Has represented VUC at NZU tournaments in drama, indoor basketball, hockey and athletics, and was one of VUC's delegates to NZUSA Council meeting Easter 1954. Clubs in which she has actively participated include the tennis, drama, hockey, athletics and French clubs.

She has attended the last three Congresses at Curious Cove and would like to see more students take advantage of this opportunity for open discussion with students from other Colleges. At present Diana is working on the re-furnishing of the common rooms, and hopes to see a definite sum set aside for this purpose in the budget each year.

Nominated: Pamela Beck.

Seconded: J. G. Hutchison, Dave Crowe.


John Whitta


John Marchant

Richard Schroder

Ted is in his fourth year at VUC in pursuit, be it at times aimless, of an Arts degree. During that time he has adorned the sacred precincts of Weir House, and has always been ready to take part in any Weir or Vic functions in which conviviality plays a part. Has taken an interest in several Varsity clubs, being a foundation committee member of the badminton and golf clubs. Has since been hon. sec. of both, and this year is club captain of the badminton, and deputy of the golf club. He controlled badmintion at Winter Tournament last year, and has shown an interest in Extrav. previously by making props, this year by performing. Will make no vague promises, but if elected will do his utmost to improve the present unsatisfactory liasion between the Executive and the various clubs.

Nominated: G. Powles.

Seconders: J. Bathgate, P. Crowe.

Men's Committee

Barry Boon

Barry is a fourth year law student; President of the Weir Association 1955; a member of the committee of the Law Faculty, tennis and golf clubs 1954-55; Junior Tournament Delegate. Easter 1954; Senior Delegate 1955; ex officio member of the Blues Committee 1955; N.Z.U. Blue in Tennis 1954-55, V.U.C. Blue in Golf 1954, Golf Controller at Winter Tournament 1954.

His main objects are (1) to promote the welfare' of College Clubs, both cultural and sporting, with a view to obtaining more active participation by a greater number of students; (2) to support the extension of the present very limited Student Association facilities, and the limited hostel accommodation available for students from outside Wellington.

Nominator: C. J. G. Marchant.

Seconders: W. Ilea, B. V. Galvin.

Dave Crowe

Peter Crowe

Braving the elements once again, Peter ("Wrap Up!!") Crowe puts on his platform those qualities he first outlined to the electorate some years ago. Versatile and cunning, Peter has a superior knowledge of sharp practices and is the ideal man for a fix like this. Not a perfectionist, but a realist, Peter's idealism increases in direct proportion to his distance from the problem.

Everyone says he is not a musician: that is true. Peter is a phonologist. "Give me chastity and self-restraint," he says, "but do not give it yet."

With a united voice I cry, "Vote For Peter!"

Nominated: D. Crowe.

Seconders: D. Deacon, Lockhart.

Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards, a fourth year student, has taken an active interest in many branches of student affairs. He is President of the International Students' Club and a member of the Debating Society.

Participated in Extrav. 1953/4 and both times deputised for the Mayor of Wellington; also organised floats in two processions. Has twice been to Congress at Curious Cove. Policy:
  • • Action on the Student Union Building.
  • • Improved relations with the city.
  • • Bigger grants to clubs to promote more student participation in extra-curricular activity.

Mike is a keen student and prepared to work hard to promote the interests of all students.

Nominator: Rosemary Burton.

Seconder: J. S. Williams, D. Neazor.

Tony Ellis

Tony came to VUC on a University Scholarship from Wellington College. He in a third-year lawcum-arts student, completing his B.A. in mathematics, and has a thorough knowledge of students affairs. He has been on the Swords Club committee for years and has represented VUC many times in provincial and university tournaments. Tony organised and controlled the fencing side of Winter Tournament, 1954, and is treasurer of the Provincial Fencing Council. He went to Congress '54 and has done work for Extrav. "Salient" and the French Club, and assures continued thoroughness and fairness in administration if elected.

Nominator: B. V. Calvin.

Seconders: W. Iles, Pamela Beck.

page 4

Guy Powles

Guy is a live wire. A fourth year senior law student, he has completed his B.A, and is not one to let grass grow under his feet.

His efficiency commended itself to residents of Weir House, who this year elected him vice-president. At Varsity he has been a stalwart of the Harrier Club for the past three years, and debating is an activity he has followed closely.

Guy's zeal was shown in his management of the advertising side of this year's successful Extrav.

With the interests of all students at heart, Guy brings genuine enthusiasm combined with a thorough approach to all affairs, and makes "service to the community" his motto.

Nominated: L. Sinclair.

Seconders: C. J. C. Marchant, I. Rich.

Ian Rich

Ian, an active member of the outgoing executive, has gained experience that will be useful for another year, if elected. An English Honours student, for the past three years he has taken part in many college activities—"Salient," '52/3/ 4/5; Drama Club President, '54/5; editor "Cappicadc." '54; Ski Club Committee, 54; Assistant Producer Extrav, '55. Policy.

  • • Co-operation with the football club to make Te Aro Park arrangements convenient for as many clubs as possible.
  • • Student Union Building by 1958.
  • • Extrav profits to go directly towards improved student amenities (e.g., common rooms).
  • • Improved VUC reputation at NZUSA and VUC reputation for gay living.

Nominator: B. V. Galvin.

Seconders: J. G. Hutchison, J. Bathgate.

Dave Tonkin

David is a sixth year student completing LL.B. this year and doing honours next year. Before coming to Wellington he spent two years at CUC where he was on the executive of three societies. At VUC he is a member of Charter Soc., Philosphical Soc., Anglican Society. Debating Society, Law Faculty Club and on the Executive of the SCM. David makes no rash promises about the policy he will adopt—he wishes only to serve the students justly. To this end he will work to the very best of his ability.

Nominated: J. G. Hutchison.

Seconders: B. G. Watkins, G. Jansen.

David Wilson

Dave is a 6th year law student—also nearly completed B.A. An active resident of Weir House for four years. Attended Auckland University in 1952 to complete studies in geography—active member of Rugby Club. 1950-54, Cricket Club. 1953-55. Law Faculty Club, 1953-55. Has taken part in "Extravaganza" for the last two years—proposed recent Hastings tour and was the Advance Manager. In favour of: immediate commencement of Student Building; greater facilities for sports clubs; increase of hostels accommodation for students living away from home; improvement of University-City relationships; improved and cleaner cafeteria and common rooms.

Nominated: C. J. C. Marchant.

Seconders: W. N. Sheat, D. M. Lescher.

Women's Committee

Jennifer Barnett

Jenny is a 21-year-old Social Science student completing her B.A. She is a full-time student for the first time this year and thus has more time to devote to student activities; and feels qualified to represent both part-time and full-time views.

Jenny is interested in international student affairs and has been active in religious clubs in the college, particularly the SCM. Although she has not actually been on club committees she has done a great deal of efficient work behind the scenes. Jenny would particularly like to see the cafeteria run by students.

Nominator: Rosemary Burton.

Seconders: B. G. Watkins. J. S. Williams.

Judith Grocott

Judith is a third-year full-time Science student—a Physics Department demonstrator. She is a keen member of the SCM and took an active part in re-organising WUS, committee at VUC.

A committee member of the Mathematical and Physics Society, and a member of the Philosophical Society, she also has sporting interests (not racing or billiards)—she plays indoor basketball, and played hockey in her first year.

She will work to improve student amenities generally, in particular more adequate gymnasium facilities, a better cafeteria and common rooms.

Science students—Judith is your only chance of a representative on the Executive.

Nominator: D. Lescher.

Seconders: W. G. Malcolm. B. V. Galvin.

Gillian Hemery

Gillian is a third-year full-time Arts Student, currently a member of the committees of the Drama and Table Tennis Clubs. A member of the Ski Club, staff of "Salient;" she participated in Extrav 1954/5 backstage; wordrobe mistress for "Much Ado;" head quarter's staff Winter '54; active member of Anglican Society. Policy

  • • Would like to see more publicity given to exec. meetings through "Salient."
  • • Profits from Extrav. Cappicade to improve student facilities, the worst in New Zealand.
  • • Effective Public Relations officer on Executive to inform public that students' ideas are not unreasonable.
  • • Approves of proposed lectures by Maths and Physics, Philosophical Societies.

Nominator: C. J. C. Marchant.

Seconders: B. V. Galvin. Diana Lescher.

Jo Hirschberg

Jo is a second-year B.Com student. She is an active member of the Drama and Athletics Clubs, and a Committee member of the Women's Hockey Club. She represented VUC at Winter Tournament last year and will be a starter for Otago this year. She participated in Extrav 1954/5. Recently she was appointed assistant secretary to NZUSA resident executive.

Jo has taken a keen interest in Varsity affairs since she began here last year. With the vigour and energy she attaches to everything she docs, Jo should be an active and worthwhile contributor to the new executive's activities.

Nominator: B. V. Galvin.

Seconders: D. Lescher, R. Burton.

Frances O'Shea

Nan is a fourth-year Arts student who has taken an active part in many College activities, including Extrav. (orchestra). Procesh, Congress and many of the College clubs. She was Vice-president of the International Club last year; a member of the French Club; she has played basketball for VUC and went to Easter Tournament this year; she is Vice-president of the Catholic Students' Guild, and recently represented the University Catholic Society of New Zealand at a seminar for Asian students in India.

She returned from India very interested in international student affairs, and wants to make WUS an active organisation at Victoria. Nan has had considerable experience on committees and is prepared to devote her time and energy to the work of the Executive.

Nominator: Diana Lescher.

Seconders: B. G. Watkins. R. Gilberd.

Diana Fussell

Diana is a third-year Arts Student, fencer and skier. She has served on the Ski Club committee, and the Swords Club has felt her influence on the administrative as well as on the lethal side. At present, in her second year on the Swords Club committee, she is secretary-Treasurer, and provincial intermediate foll champion. Diana has led a very full University life, having experienced Congress, Extrav. and Tournament, and is now prepared to put some hard work into the establishment, to make living conditions more attractive to the students, and the students more attractive to the town.

Nominator: B. V. Galvin.

Seconders: W. Iles, B. G. Watkins.