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Salient. The Newspaper of Victoria University College. Vol. 19, No. 6. May 31, 1955

Uproar Over AUC Capping Book

Uproar Over AUC Capping Book

Following a controversy over matter which was to have been included in Auckland University College's Capping book this year, and allegations by the editors of the college newspaper, "Craccum," a vote of no-confidence in president Mate Frankovich has been passed by AUC executive.

Auckland's Capping book, edited by R. M. Smith, was not intended to be funny this year. The publication contained "reports" by students on "various aspects of adult conduct in the city." These findings included four photographs of an "all male wedding." The material proposed was passed by the advisory censor, Professor R. P. Anschutz, Dean of the Arts Faculty, and was in the hands of the printer.

At this stage Mr. Frankovich. it is alleged, ordered the photographs to be omitted from the Capping book after referring them to the college authorities. The college authorities, since the appointment some years ago of an advisory censor, have no jurisdiction over Capping book, which is entirely the responsibility of the Students' Association.

Resignations Follow.

Professor Anschutz resigned his position as advisory' censor following Mr. Frankovich's "reinstatement of official [unclear: censorship]."

The editor of the Capping book, Mr. Smith, also resigned, on the grounds that he could not act as editor of a publication subjected to official censorship.

The magazine as it appeared on Auckland streets on Capping day contained a survey of New Zealand drinking habits, a report on social evils condemning "an excess of suburbia," a discussion of science and religion and their bearing on peace, and an article concerning convictions of a number of candidates in the last General Election. Sixteen thousand copies, which is claimed as a record for a New Zealand Capping book, were sold,

"Editors Threatened"

The editors of "Craccum" alleged, at the executive meeting on May 2 at which Mr. Frankovich was the subject of the no-confidence motion, that he had threatened action against them if they published a letter criticising him.

The letter demanded that, since he had made opposition to raising the Students' Association fee a plank in his election platform and had later supported raising the fee. Mr. Frankovich should resign. The editors listed four threats which they alleged Mr. Frankovich had made by word of mouth.

The vote of no-confidence, based on the two matters outlined above, was passed by seven votes to four. There were three abstentions, including Mr. Frankovich.