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Salient. The Newspaper of Victoria University College. Vol. 19, No. 6. May 31, 1955

Student World

Student World

Initiation in Guatemala

Since the introduction of university autonomy, the University of Guatemala has established the custom of greeting newly-entrolled students with a university baptism. This ceremony consists mainly in a smart hair cut. At the medical school, the new students are also painted by the older students and given large doses of a laxative. Some of the students of the engineering faculty refused to co-operate because they felt it was against their student dignity. (Septiembre, Guatemala).

Indian Students and Marriage

Twenty bachelor students of Mysore have set out to break the barriers of caste through marriage. They have vowed "to marry out of their caste to create a castless society within the fold of Hindu religiton." These 20 graduates and post-graduate scholars of Maharaja's College have invited boys and girls to join the matrimonial crusade against the "communal problem in India which is threatening internal peace." No girl has, so far, rallied under the "matrimonial banner" which waves over mere men now. (ASNS, Jodhpur).

Malaya and Chinese Students

Any Chinese student from Malaya who wishes to go to communist China may leave freely, but he would not be allowed to return to Malaya, according to a senior immigration officer of the Federation of Malaya. The official stated that there is no law to control the exit of people from Malaya, but that return facilities would not be granted to the student age group (16 to 30) because it is not the Government's policy to readmit any person who may have been indoctrinated while in communist China.

Singapore Government sources continued a decline of the number of Chinese students returning to the mainland recently. According to the Government statistics. 350 left for communist China from January to March of last year, while only about 200 left during the same period this year. [unclear: o] (The Asian Student. San Francisco).

Debs for U.W.A. Capping Ball

Twenty-two fresherettes were presented at the University of Western Australia Graduation Ball. Winthrop Hail, Perth, on April 15. Debutantes were presented to the Chancellor of the University.—Pelican, Perth.

Sydney Uni. Revue

Microgroove recordings of the Sydney University Revue arc on sale to students there for about A30/- per disc. The records are 33 1-3 RPM. and play for approximately 30-40 minutes. Some of the recordings were played over Station 2SM Sydney in the popular Tony Withers session. Performers in the numbers recorded included the University Modern Jazz Club.—Honi Soit, Sydney.

U.E. Equivalence

Five more countries—France, the German Federal Republic. Iceland, Ireland, and Norway—ratified during March the European Convention on the equivalence of university entrance examinations. This brings the total number of countries participating in the agreement to nine, the other four signatories being Denmark. Luxembourg, the Saar, and the United Kingdom. The Convention, drawn up by the Council of Europe in December, 1953, gives students who have passed the entrance examinations to a university in any, one of the nine signatory nations an equal right with nationals to enter a university in one of the other countries, (UNESCO. Pans).

Moscow University Bicentenary

The Moscow Lomonossov University celebrated the 200th anniversary of its founding on May 7. On the occasion of this event, there was an [unclear: exbition] illustratin the history of the university, and the individual departments put out special editions of their academic publications. Lomonossov University has today 12 departments, 210 teaching chairs and approximately 22,000 students, in its two hundred years of existence, about 85,000 academic degrees have been awarded by the Moscow University. (IUS News Service, Prague).

Beer-drinking at Perth

A New interfaculty "sport"—beer drinking-was contested on April 30 at the University of Perth. All seven faculty clubs of the University have entered an official team. This contest will be called the Inter Faculty Aquatic Carnival.

Salk Vaccine for Manchester Uni.

Manchester University is to be a centre for experimental tests with the newly discovered vaccine against poliomyelitis. Medical students are being asked to volunteer to act as "guinea pigs" under the new vaccine tests, which will be directed by Dr. Philip B. Stones. (News Bulletin. Manchester).

Concessions for Canadian Students

Canadian students are now to have the benefit of reductions when buying clothing, writing materials as well as for theatre and library admissions. The National Union of Students decided at its recently-held executive committee meeting at Carleton College to take steps for the introduction of a National Discount Service which will offer students the above-named benefits. (La Rotonde. Ottawa).

Engagements and Similar Fatalities

The engagement was recently announced between Miss Pamela Beck, Women's Vice-president of the Students' Association, and Mr. Richard Lafferty. Our congratulations and best wishes go to the happy couple, who hope to be married later this year and travel to England.

Mr. Robert Kelson, a Boston Fulbright Scholar at present lecturing in Political Science at VUC recently married Miss Cam Hall, well-known New Zealand concert pianist, in Wellington. Mr. and Mrs. Kelson first met at the NZUSA Congress at Curious Cove in January-They will travel to the US via Europe later this year.

Mr. Kevin B. O'Brien, past president of VUCSA and NZUSA and now manager of the N.Z. Players married Miss Audrey Cook, who was VUCSA women's Vice-president in 1950. Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien will be official chaperons travelling with Extravaganza on its Hastings tour at Queen's Birthday weekend.