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Salient. The Newspaper of Victoria University College. Vol. 19, No. 5. May 5, 1955

Will you Support the Party which Party? the Haka Party!

Will you Support the Party which Party? the Haka Party!

. . . which was the subversive notice put up by Comrades Ward, Perry, Elmes and Chamberlain who are also something called the Weir House Haeremal Committee. Dress-rehearsing for the good, solid, sinful chaos that is called Capping Eve by students and certain other things by certain other people they broached a plan which is a change from the usual keg.

This group, apparently moved by one of the twinges of conscience that seems to get under the skins of the Middle Class bourgeois parasites, decided to go down to Allen Street and give a bit of encouragement to the You-know-what Party which really doesn't get a fair spin. So the local cell grabbed every scarlet garment in the House and put on their best raffia skirts (Query: What does a Haka party man wear underneath his skin?) and went to the dogs to give the hoi-pollol a cheap thrill, and advertise Extrav. and all that sort of thing. You've no idea [unclear: the] amount of organisation that goes into these spontaneous rallies.

Whatever happened the word must have got around somehow because the other Party didn't turn up. Deprived of the opportunity to cheer a guaranteed anti-warmonger until no one could hear him, the Houseman who came to watch (and you never saw a poorer fed, more underprivileged lot of unfortunates) bought a soapbox, and Mr. Gainby divided his attention between haranguing every dreg within earshot and keeping his balance until the Haka Party arrived and Comrades Perry was placed on the box where he spouted a lot of deviationist reactionary propaganda for a bourgeois intellectual misuse of the rightful property of the workers called Extravaganza. The loyal comrade then called for three cheers for the Queen, which were given by a large number of infiltratory capitalistic pigs and tools of the ruling classes present. The proletariat then joined [unclear: enthusiastically] in one-and-a-half cheers for Comrade Beria, sorry, Comrade Malenkov, sorry ... and three silent cheers for the speakers.