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Salient. The Newspaper of Victoria University College. Vol. 19, No. 5. May 5, 1955

[Vic News]

page 4

Introducing the annual budget which requested an increase of the capitation fee from £3 to £4/4/- per 50 students in constituent organisations, Mr. E. Ireland chairman of the Council mentioned that the present fee of £3 amounted to 1/8 per student NUAUS fees amounted to 5/3 per student.

* * *

The cafeteria at CUC, which now sells cigarettes and chocolates, last year showed a loss of £45—in the words of Mr. Douglas, CUCs leader, "This represents a record year for CUC cafeteria."

* * *

"You wake up the following morning and realise the ghastly mistakes you have made", Baid Mr. M. J. O'Brien at NZUSA. Council meeting. He was asking that a comparatively early time for adjournment be set.

* * *

From and including 1956, NZUSA Congress will be limited to seven days, from Friday to Friday, instead of the ten days as previously. The purpose of thi3 shortening was to keep costs of Congress down. Congress controller for 1956 is Miss Caroline Curtis of CUC. Congress will be held from January 20-27 1956.

* * *

Of the Congress resolutions presented to NZUSA, no college took up any motion with the exception of resolution, relating to dissemination of information which was noted, and numbers 8, 9 and 10, which were referred to the incoming Congress committee, as procedural motions.

* * *

On the matter of bursaries, Mr. M. J. O'Brien reported that proposals of the Education Department were at present being considered by the Treasury.

NZUSA has suggested in a memorandum to the Education Department that boarding bursaries be renewed each year on the basis of each full-time student passing three equivalent stage I arts units each year. The Education Department considered that this standard was too high.

Other recommendations made in the memorandum included:—
  • No means test.
  • Bursaries to be awarded by merit on the results of special examination at university level, but not before matriculation.
  • A yearly increase in individual bursaries.
  • The abolition of special bursaries.
  • Contract bursaries to remain as they are.
  • The number of boarding bursaries to be increased to 150 per year (NZUSA had previously recommended 200 per year).
  • Scholarships to be increased in value by £10. The student living at home and in receipt of a bursary to receive an additional £10.
  • A special assistance fund of the value of £5000 to be set up from which special bursaries and scholarships could be awarded after consideration of applicants by a special committee.
  • Bursaries awarded by other departments to be continued.