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Salient. The Newspaper of Victoria University College. Vol. 19, No. 5. May 5, 1955

Student Facilities?

Student Facilities?

Miss Jackson (Neg) said somewhere "I think a technician is really a philosopher." At this point Dr. Munz woke up, grinned happily, and interjected 'That is what I said." Shaw (Neg) spoke for the need for philosophers in the University and mixing of students, indeed Improved Student Facilities!

An interesting speaker was de Cleene (Neg). He put the case for the lawyer. "Lawyers can learn the everyday life of the law courts there and in their offices. At University they learn of the unified concept of the law and what it means." Vere-Jones (Neg) said the question was of "wide education rather than narrow." Miss Le Fort (Aff) stressed the "production of technicians" side "because the problem before the world today is of a technical rather than a philosophical nature." Ah! Now we know. She went on "When philosphers sit down they have no end in view." Obviously!

Hubbard (Aff) aggressively asserted that technicians had built history. And Dawirk (Neg) pleaded persuasively against the Huxleian cold inhumanity to come perhaps with too advanced technology. Miss Mitcaife (Neg) dwelt on the personal side. Then came Beeby (Neg) in a brilliant act in which he satirised, inter alia, Scotsmen and quasi-philosophers. It was not debating, however.

The last three speeches of Mummery, Gibbons, and Donovan (all Aff) were shortened as it was late. Cruden (vigorous) and Prof. Gordon (witty and irrelevant) summed up. Prof. Hughes (judge) gave the first three placings to Cruden ("who got in more swift ones better than anyone else."), de Cleene and Whitta. The motion was lost (42-48) on a vote of the whole house and lost (33-41) by vote of the Debating Club.

Keith Walker.